Duplicate Content is Killing your Online Marketing.

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I have seen over the last couple of month’s a growing trend of duplicate and poorly written content in client’s websites who come to us for their search engine optimisation. What is duplicate content? This is content that has been duplicated from one website to another. Or even worse, content that has been duplicated on your own website. Google is on top of this and will only publish one page of content that has been indexed on the web and will ignore or even penalise sites that have duplicate content. This has become even more common practice an Google since the latest algorithm updates.

March 13 2013

Duplicate as well as poorly worded content or web copy is a ranking buster on Google. If you have suddenly noticed your rankings slide you might just have duplicate copy and this can be verified in your Google Web Master Tools account. Following are some interested questions that you should be asking your web developers or web copywriters if you feel that you have duplicate content.

Has the article been professionally written?

This has now become one of THE MOST important factors when considering a SEO campaign. If you are a vet in Brisbane, then you need to have a landing page about your services that has been professionally written. Putting a picture of a dog or cat on this page with a phone number is not going to cut it anymore. Your main web pages, if they are going to rank on Google need unique well worded copy that is particular to your business or product. Things are tightening up so much with the search engines that you now need to have a full time copy expert of board monitoring what is written about your company, what is written on your website as well as the social media side of things.

Is the article original?

No point what so ever is having a website built if the content just doesn’t work. You need to spend as much time on the copy as on the design is you are going to have a successful website and online campaign. Google will pick up on anything suspect and you will be paying for this transgression very quickly. The smarter operators have caught on to this and have either had their web copy re written or a have had a new site re designed. Be careful and check if your copy has been duplicated by another company. There are content checkers online. All you need to do is copy and paste your URL into this search and it will list sites that have copied your content. Getting them to take this down is another story.

Is the content waffle or does it actually relate to something?

Many companies will post content online just so it will be indexed and ranked. A good question to be asking is; how does this article read? The tip in this case is to read it out aloud and if it sounds natural then it’s going to work. If it sounds as though it has been manufactured for search, then it may rank but it also may get penalised if there are too many repetitive keywords. This will make it look like you are trying to spam the system.
If you are getting the article written by a professional then make sure they do it and that it is not off shored to some Indian copy team. This is often the case and this is where issues arise as these guys tend to recycle articles. You DO NOT want to go down this path.

If you feel that you have some duplicate content on your website and would like to see what can be done about this then please call us at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514

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