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A year ago a major European airline was in the spotlight and was clearly unhappy about this. What happened was a customer was charged over 300 Euros for forgetting to pint their ticket out. The customer promptly posted this on Facebook and what followed was an avalanche of negative comments online about the airline.

One small minor incident resulted in an online backlash, which resulted in diminishing the value of the airlines brand and giving consumers an outlet to vent their frustration.

This airline is not the only company who has failed to manage their social media. Facebook is immediate and can spell disaster for companies that do not manage their Facebook campaigns.

Important to note – never forget to respond to customer complaints asap.

Check your Facebook wall for comments, good or bad. If they are good then get back to people with appreciation and gratitude and perhaps a free offering. If bad, then address this immediately. Do everything possible to turn this around as one negative comment on a Facebook page can do severe damage. All customers will appreciate your engagement and by doing this you are building great customer relations.

Never…break contest guidelines
Facebook competitions are a super way to bring followers on board and build your brand. Be certain to have a thorough knowledge of State and Federal laws when it comes to running contests and competitions. This way if there is a complaint you are fully covered.
A point to note is that contests requesting submissions or votes through likes or comments, are banned and are not to be part of your marketing efforts – in other words leave it out. Above all be ethical and fair. It is your competition so try to be as neutral as possible when it comes to awarding a winner.

Be selective with your posts.

As tempting as it may be to publish as many posts as you can, the aim on Facebook is to publish quality content rather than quantity. Your followers will appreciate and in some cases anticipate your postings if they are worth waiting for. Publishing juicy content will drive awareness to your brand or product and keep you in the good books with your followers. Over posting will be perceived as spammy and you will pay the price.

Don’t…try to get as many followers as possible.

People that having as many followers as possible is good look as well as good for your search engine rankings. In both cases this is false. Having 5000 friends form India will dilute your brand and will have absolutely zero affect on your SEO. There are companies that can get you as many followers as you want, but this has absolutely no benefit as these people are not interested in you or your brand. Try to get legitimate, loyal followers

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