How to Write Effective SEO Articles for Your Blog

Article Overview

With the updates of Google, blogging has never been so important for your SEO or overall Google ranking. Many business and companies are unaware of how or why this works but I cannot stress enough to you the extreme importance of blogging for your SEO. And what is the best way to gain a great Google ranking? The answer is, write great content rich articles on your blog.

The very best way to utilise your blog is to make frequent updates or a regular basis. The only issue with this is how to find inspiration or blog topics to write about. I know personally that I may have to do hours of research about relevant topics before I even begin to write an article for my company blog. The reason why these topics are so hard to come across is that they have to be fresh, unique and highly engaging otherwise online users will just bounce off the page exiting your blog and look elsewhere.

Ways for Creating Your Ideal Article Topic

The most important task when composing an SEO article piece for your blog is to search for a well searched for topic and write about this. Short, snappy, heading with well thought out personal articles are sure to keep your readers interested. Think of eye catching headlines like:

– 10 ways to improve your….
 – How to find the best way……
 – Case studies that will……
etc etc –

as you can see these are headings that are going to get peoples attention and leave lead them down the path to be just that bit more inquisitive. If they click on the article in the blog and like what they read then chances are, they will share this and pass it onto other people. It’s such a great and very powerful medium that businesses that don’t write blog articles are really doing themselves a disservice. Whilst writing your blog article there are some important do’s and don’ts. If you keep these in mind when you start blogging, the whole process will be just that bit easier.

5 DO’S for Your SEO Blog Article

1. Offer Free Advice for your Visitors?The main aim of your blog articles should be to dispense free advice. By blogging you become an authority on your chosen field or area of expertise and by offering free information you are gaining a following of people who look to your blog for information. If you update this regularly and engage users then you are building a database of people that may decide to use your services in the future.

2. Ensure that your Article Message is Compact?Keep the message short and sweet – over complicated, long winded articles will just bore people and you may end up loosing them. Ideally keep all blog articles to around 500 to 1000 words.

3.Stay on Topic?Use short paragraphs with high lighted headings and try not to drift off topic. There may be a temptation to write more than necessary, but most people will get the idea if you can keep things brief.

4.Make things easy to read.?Utilise bullet points with strong headings. Breaking up the article content makes it easy to read and allows people to skim over the article and focus on points that interests them. If they find a pont relevant then they will stay on the page. This saves them time and in turn will keep them coming back for more nest time you post a blog.

5. Internal LinksThroughout Your Article?If this article is going to help with your SEO then its good to highlight a few relevant keywords in the blog piece and link them to a relevant page within your website. This internal linking structure is looked favourable upon by the search engines and if implemented correctly will give your website a huge SEO boost. This can get confusing to the non web savvy person so it’s probably best to get some advice about this. Talking to  website designers like hopping mad designs is a great start and will get you pointed in the right direction.

3 DON’TS to follow for Your Blog Article

1.Plagiarise Content is a huge NO NO.?If you copy content do not expect to be rewarded by the search engines. They will pick up on this and it will not get ranked. Also you may end up getting in trouble for intellectual property copyrightt.

2. Oversell Yourself or blatant promotion?. People are coming to your article to get information. If they want to be sold to they can go to your website. You may have an author ownership at the bottom of the blog article, but thats about it. People will tune out after the first paragraph if they feel like they are being pitched to.

3.Exit readers From Your Website?Any links that drive users away from your website or blog is considered bad business. Why on earth would you go to the trouble of writing a blog if you just send readers elsewhere through a link. Keep online readers engaged in your content and make 100% certain that if you have any links then they are diverted through to web pages within your site.

If you are part of a company or small business owner and are interested in writing blog articles to help improve your SEO then i s also a great idea to get some staff members to write a few blogs as well as clients writing a few guest posts. This helps you out by:

– having a different style of content – sort of vary and mix it up a bit
– keeps staff on their toes and forces them to become a bit more involved in your business.
– frees you up a bit more to focus on your business.
– you may even like to try using a copy writer if all else fails. They can give you a new perspective on how blog articles should be professionally written.

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