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There are so many reasons why your website could be underperforming. Your website may be a real disappointment, and not living up to your expectations. You may have thought that it was going to bring you in heaps more business but it has left you feeling flat with poor sales results and little or no inbound traffic. Following are a few reasons why your website could be underperforming and some great quick fix solutions that should see your website operating at a level that you would like.

3 Reasons Why Your Website is Failing

i) Probably the greatest let down for website is the design. I see so many websites that look absolutely appalling, it’s no wonder they are not working. A lot of business owners over the last couple of years have been content and satisfied with just a web presence. It was enough to have a website online, no matter how it looked or how it reflected on the business. In other words, anything will do so long as it’s online.

They would go with the cheapest web company they could find online and settle for a substandard, inadequate, lousy, shoddy web solution that did absolutely nothing in terms of performance or converting online shoppers or browsers into actual paying customers. That is, the website was ultimately underperforming and not doing the business any favours.

Being tight with the web budget upfront is a serious infectious and epidemic problem amongst Sydney businesses. They think they are doing a good thing by their business by shopping their web project around. The cheapest bidder, in most cases (especially in the web and online environment) is simply a BAD MOVE and the negative repercussions can multiply over time.

I have blogged about this so often, that cost should not be a main factor when it comes to your website design. Spend accordingly, don’t bust prices down to the bare minimum or you will end up loosing out big time! Cheap web solution are there are so many companies out there are extremely detrimental, harmful and destructive for your business – I am not saying this for the sake of this blog – we get literally dozens of calls per month from business owners that have been ripped off, conned and cheated by these so called web agencies.

ii) Another reasons why your site is loosing you business and not doing what was expected of it is SEO or search engine optimisation. This is a massive topic so I will limit my rationale here.

SEO is the technique of getting your website high up there on the search engines, especially Google. You can have the best looking website in the world with all the bells n whistles but it will be an underperforming asset if there is no SEO or rankings.

Again, I have banged on about this many times before but if your website is not found online by potential customers then it’s not doing it’s job. Essentially it is a waste of what should be a very productive sales tool for your business.

There are a multitude of reasons why your SEO is not on target and these include; poor web copy, slow load times, over optimisation of keywords, incorrect titles and web semantics. The list goes on and on but SEO is without doubt the most critical factor in website performance.

iii) The last reason why your website is underperforming is the content on the site. More often than not, this part of the web process is often overlooked and in turn your web site suffers. Content is a driving force in funnelling consumers down the buying path. It influences their behaviour, can play on their emotions and will ultimately play a big part in the sales process.

If your content is too thin or lacking in passion, gusto or intensity, then it will contribute to your websites dismal performance.

How To Improve your Websites Performance?

If your graphics or website visuals have not been looked at in the past 12 months, then it’s time you had a website audit – look at ways to improve the visuals of all website pages so they are optimised for conversions.  If you are at all concerned about the look and feel of your website and it’s direct relationship to performance then give it to a web company that is not going to be bargained down to the point where they have to cut corners.


Be prepared to open your wallet (remember, web design is a tax deduction) and spend accordingly – you might be pleasantly surprised by the end result.

To rank on Google you need SEO and to rank properly and have your website operating at peak performance you need to be working with a web and SEO company that can combine the 2 disciplines. If you want to take it a step further, why not be proactive and call us here at Hopping Mad Designs on 02 9360 8514 – we are one of the only Sydney Web and SEO agencies that does everything in house.

Once your website is ranking and sitting on page 1, you will know what I mean by the power of this technique – SEO in all its glory will SUPER CAHRGE your websites performance. If you ever wanted a sales person that was working for you 24/7, then your website combined with SEO is the answer.


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