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Are you looking for the BEST Joomla CMS website design & development agencies in Sydney? Hopping Mad Designs can build you a new website with a easy to use Joomla CMS platform. We have been designing and building websites using the Joomla CMS platform for businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia since 1998 – that is a long time in the web world and we are able to bring all our experience and expertise with Joomla to help make your website a success.

All our in-house designers and Joomla developers have built thousands of websites from basic brochure style sites right through to more complex eCommerce shopping cart sites. So no matter what type of website you are after we have the technical CMS know how to deliver a great looking website all built using the Joomla framework.


4 Advantages of a Joomla CMS for your Website.


1) The obvious advantage is that it is open source. This way you are not locked into or tied up with another web companies purpose built CMS platform. What this really means for your business is that you never have to pay monthly fees for the intellectual property of their CMS – many web companies will slug you a hefty monthly fee for the CMS and tell you all kinds of stories about security, SEO updates, what ever they like just to keep n hitting you with this fee. Joomla negates this rip off and allows you the freedom to take your website anywhere, without the fear of loosing your website. Watch out for companies that try to flog their own CMS platforms – at the end of the day they are really not worth the money or the aggravation. We get so many phonme calls from businesses that have or are trapped into using a CMS that they really don't like.


2) Joomla will automatically provide your website with security patches and SEO plug –ins so you are always up to date with the latest technologies – these are done automatically so you never have to worry about site hackings or being disadvantaged with your SEO. I would however, suggest that you talk to use about a SEO campaign and a search engine startegy once your website has been launched.


3) If you are hosting on 1 server with Joomla and you want to transfer it to another hosting company, this is very easy to do. With Joomla you are not stuck with 1 hosting provider. If your hosting platform is not working properly, or you are disappointed with the performance, then its super easy to migrate.


4) Some people may think that Joomla platforms can limit design – this is far from the truth – our CMS sites are all very visual, original and custom made. In no way does Joomla affect design, in fact, it enhances our abilities and gives us more license to be creative.


Joomla CMS & Hopping Mad Designs, Why Us?


If you have never been through the web development process, then you should know that they type of CMS platform that you use can have a massive impact on your web outcome.


By engaging Hopping Mad for your web design and build, and knowing that we use a Joomla platform, you can have the confidence that your final website will be; functional, highly creative and totally user friendly.


Once your site has been made live we will give you full training and support. This means that you can get into the back end of the site whenever you like and make as many changes and amends as your want. If you get stuck or have any issues, we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. This is the beauty of a CMS like Joomla, once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze to use.

So if you are thinking about getting a new website or looking to update your website with a new content management system – give us a call here at HMD on 02 9360 8514. You will see that the whole web process is so much easier once we are on board and once we start building it with Joomla.

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