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If you want to maximize your websites potential and convert online visitors into leads and eventually customers, then you need to have the best looking landing pages around. They have to be seriously on message and be able to captivate your audience immediately. Following are a few esential landing page tips to help you boost sales and generate more revenue.

You need landing pages that convert. Simple as that!

No good having anything less than this as it simply will not work, it’s just far too competitive online and in the digital space.

Basically it’s either 100% effort put into designing a landing page or don’t even bother. And, with landing pages you have to keep on trying. Measure it’s performance, see if it’s working and generating leads and finetune the landing page based on the data you receive either from the number of inquiries or Google analytics.

What is a landing page?

According to MailChimp, landing pages are different from other web pages in that they don’t live in the evergreen navigation of a website. They serve a specific purpose in a specific moment of an advertising campaign to a target audience.

Landing pages are single web pages (on your website) specifically purpose designed to sell one particular message. There will generally be more calls to action on these singular pages, such as ‘buy now buttons’ or ‘ for a fast quote click here button’ or ‘for a 50% discount inquire now button’. It’s focus is getting the consumer to take immediate action and engage with your business online.

The landing page idea is a great way to get new business, but the execution I’m afraid is a little bit more complicated. Having the idea is only half the battle, designing it for maximum conversion is the real challenge.

Following are some tried and tested techniques we use here at Hopping Mad Designs for our client’s landing pages so that they generate quality leads…..and more of them.

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1) Make sure your offers are very clear…avoid ambiguous meanings.

Never send mixed messages on any of these landing pages. Make sure there is 1 clear to-the-point message. If you are going to the trouble and effort of doing this, then be clear and consistent with all your on page messages and calls to action. The use of strong images is also advisable as well as bold clear headings. These should be front and centre and the first thing that everyone sees. If you have strong headings a good idea is to follow these up with single like bullet points – you want it to be an easy read…then right after that have a big call to action. Wordstream goes so far as to tell us that only 16% of landing pages are free of navigation bars. Why is that bad? Because when landing pages are focused and have the navigation removed, companies can see a 100% improvement. One hundred percent!

2) Identify the benefits upfront

When thinking about the copy you want to write for your landing page, ask yourself this question: why has the consumer taken time to come to my website? What are they after? How can I help solve their search questions? The answer is to provide the benefits right up front. You need to clearly explain the benefits of your product or service rather than a description of the product. Think about what most car ads are about, lifestyle. They are selling you the image of prestige, adventure…what ever – very few will mention the actual fuel consumption or engine capacity. It’s all about the benefits and this is how all you landing pages should be structured.

3) Use really good, relevant images.

Let’s be very clear about this images that are relevant to your business and that have been professionally taken will have a greater click through and conversion rate than you standard photo library image. If your unique selling point is that you are the main asset of your business then have photos taken of you and perhaps your team. If you have a really good product that would photograph well, such as a luxury boat then make sure you promote this extensively on your landing page. If this is the main selling feature then push it hard and make sure it is above the fold (the top half of the web page).

If these photos are backed up by ‘big grab statements’ then this is the perfect landing page solution. A great conversion trick is to have an image and right next to it have an inquiry form that users can complete. Offer an incentive for them to complete this form such as a: free giveaway or a discount offering. You will be surprised by how many leads you can capture by simply implementing this type of strategy.

 4) Provide true customer testimonials

Do people visiting your website know your brand? Are they familiar with your service. Why are they going to trust you? Why should they buy from you when there are so many other choices and options. The answer is the testimonial. Get as many of them from real, existing clients and put them on your main landing pages. Honest feedback from past clients will reinforce your brand, massage, whatever…people will be more likely to buy from you if someone else has in the past and they were happy with this. Just a few short snippets on these page is enough to reassure your potential customers.

5) Keep on trying 

While these simple tips may point you in the right direction, the web you will find is a very dynamic and ever changing landscape. What works one month may not work the next. You have to really keep on top of this by looking at your website traffic and number. This is done easily through Google analytics. If you find things slowing down a bit, reexamine your landing pages and tweak them to see if there is any improvement. It is a constant exercise and like everything to do with your business, it can be a matter of trial and error.If you are unable to do this it’s a really god idea to speak with a web developer that has experience in conversion rate optimisation.

If you need help with the design of any of your landing pages or need some minor updates please get in touch with our team here at Hopping Mad Designs – 02 9360 8514 – you will be surprised by what a few small changes can actually do for your conversion rates.

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