SEO is for the Long Term – You Can’t Cheat Google

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If you want to rank your website and do it properly, then you have to be in it for the long term. Short, quick online gains simply do not exist and if you try to cheat Google and spam the system you are going to get your website penalised.

Following are problems regarding getting quick SEO gains, and solutions to this issue:

Problem # 1:  The only real way for very short term gains on highly competitive keywords is to back link. If you want to get to page 1 quickly then you will have to do more back links than your competition. If this is performed in an in-organic fashion, and all of a sudden you have thousands of in-bound links, then Google will pick this up and your site will be sandboxed or penalised.

Solution: Obtain backlinks organically by:

  • writing articles and having them published with links back to your website – please note that these are NOT articles that have been bought. They are from credible magazines, papers or blogs that publish only relevant content. Getting these articles published are not easy which makes it’s SEO value great.
  • Backlinks should be acquired slowly and gradually. Space this evenly, as a sudden jump in your link popularity will be seen as spammy and very inorganic.
  • Having a few links on well know directories are great for Local SEO – directories such as Yellow Pages and True Local are fine as long as these listings are free.
  • Have a blog on your website and link between blog articles, just so long as they relate to each other. Linking between pages on your website is a great SEO tool. Careful to have only 1 or 2 links max on each page.

Problem # 2: You have used a SEO company in the past and they have not performed well. They have said that they have been implementing a SEO campaign but you cannot see any positive results.

Solution: Get rid of these guys before they do any further damage to your website.  They are obviously getting backlinks from low ranking, meaningless websites and this is damaging any chance of future rankings. Google knows when this kind of activity is happening and will again result in your site being penalised. 

Problem # 3: You were ranking quite nicely but all of a sudden your website listing has slipped to page 5.

Solution: You have over optimised your keywords. Stop all SEO immediately, Commence and remove all backlinks and references to your website from all other external websites. You will then have to reapply through your webmaster tools account in Google once all links are removed to ask/beg to get out of this penalty. This can take 3 months but there is light at the end of the tunnel and a solution for this.

Reasons Why Google Will Rank Your Web Page

  • If your page has unique content then it will rank. Fresh interesting content is a great SEO technique.
  • You have quality in bound links from sites that have a high page rank.
  • Your page has been optimised for SEO. That is; site speed, titles and meta tags are all Google compliant.
  • You have not keyword stuffed, in the hope that this will push up your rankings.  
  • If you have not duplicated this page or copied it from another source.

SEO for Serious Businesses

If you are really serious about your website ranking on Google and actaully staying there, then you have to be in this for the long haul. By this I mean it never ends. SEO is a continual process and cannot be turned on and off. It must be done on a continuous basis, day in day out. Stopping your SEO will only allow your competition to over take your position. If you adopt a long term SEO policy and accept that this is now going to be part of your marketing mix, then your website will rank online well. Let a professional SEO company do this for you, give it 6 months and you will see a HUGE difference.

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