Interesting Social Media Statistics for Australia in June 2014

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I want all business owners to pay close attention to these insanely important social media statistics that apply in Australia in 2014. If you have a website or a business owner I think that you should pay very close attention to the amount of online users who are actively engaging with these social media platforms on a daily basis. These results are astonishing and can open up some great marketing channels for businesses wanting to further expand their customer base as well as promote their brand, product and or service.

Check these Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2014

  1. Facebook – 12,300,000 users
  2. YouTube – 11,500,000 Unique Australian Visitors
  3. – 6,159,000
  4. LinkedIn – 4,125,000
  5. Blogspot – 3,050,000
  6. Twitter – 3,733,300 Active Australian Users
  7. Instagram – 1,860,000 Active Australian Users
  8. TripAdvisor – 2,100,000
  9. Tinder – 1,250,000 Australian users – this one is really amazing considering that this is a dating website
  10. Pinterest – 890,000
  11. Google Plus –85,000 monthly active Australian users – this figure is somewhat disappointing as Google was really hoping to take on Facebook with their own version – unfortunately it failed and these results are the worst for the online media giant.


  • Instagram – this is the surprise of the social media platforms with a huge uptake – everyone I know is on this and it is growing by the day. If you are not on there get on it ASAP. This has taken off like wildfire and yes it might take a while to get your head around it but believe me when I tell you that this is a massively popular platform.
  • Twitter – this is a no brainer, everyone and most businesses are on Twitter, so start tweeting.
  • Without doubt Facebook is the king of all social media platforms – there are no rivals and it has absolute authority in this space. If you have a business and you do not have a business profile of Facebook for your website, then you are really behind in the game. In fact, ignoring FB, could be quite damaging for your brand. Users expect now to see that your business has an active FB profile – its really a must have web add on.
  • LinkedIn has a stable user base and is always a favourite for professionals and businesses.
  • Tinder has around 1 million Australian active users, which is really quite unbelievable cause it is really a start up – goes to show you how quick Aussies (especially singles) are happy to get online.

Of course it’s very difficult and time consuming to be on all these platforms. My advice is to choose 1 or 2 of them and be very good at these. Over stretching yourself and trying to be at all places at once is going to dilute your message. Being a master of say Facebook and being active on there daily will be a hell of a lot better than publishing small amounts of content, news or specials over 10 platforms. Be realistic with what you can do, set your marketing intentions and be committed to engaging your client base with regular and interesting updates. There are business out there that rely completely on social media, so rather than ignoring and thinking that this is a passing fad, it’s a better idea to join the masses. Being left behind only means that you will have to play catch up with your competitors.

Make your choice wisely. Be careful and study what your customer base is using and then market for them. No point being on Facebook when your clients are all on Instagram. It’s a pity cause you are going to loose business and be selling to the wrong kind of people. As always if you are unclear about this or need some advice please call us at Hopping Mad Designs

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