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Internet access from mobile devices is exploding as more and more people use their hand helds ( iphones and androids) to connect to the internet. All you need to do is look at anyone in a public space and you will see the uptake. It is amazing. Bear in mind this is not limited to Australia, but this phenomenon is world wide. On a recent trip to Singapore I was completely blown away by the amount of time young people spend tapping away on their phones. One thing is certain. This will grow exponentially and how this impacts on your business, if not immediately apparent, should be. The amount of users who are migrating from desktop shopping to mobile shopping is growing at a rate of 18% per year. Designing a mobile responsive website that caters to this wave of new users should be well on your marketing radar and here at Hopping mad Designs we can help you understand more clearly how this will work PLUS convert your existing website into a responsive site that immediately indulges this market – on the other hand, if you are looking for a new website designed, we will make sure that it is developed with mobile responsive technologies.

What are the Advantages of a Mobile Responsive Website?

The advantages to your business or company of having a responsive site are huge – in fact, there are so many of them I will try to list as many as I can think of.

1) You don’t annoy the new user base (that is the demographic aged 15-65) who basically consider their mobile devices as an extension of their body. By annoying I mean, they do not have to squint and navigate their way around a desktop site that is far too big for their screen. Essentially, they will just move on to another site that is far easier to browse on.

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2) If you are selling a product online you make the whole eCommerce shopping experience so much easier by having the website developed specifically for this mobile market – if these guys can tap away happily, they will be more inclined to open their wallets and spend their money with you. The harder you make this experience, the more likelihood there will be shopping cart abandonment. PayPal tells us that Smartphones and tablets are everyday tools. In 2019, 73% of Aussies shopped on their mobile, and 55% of them did so every week. 20% of mobile shoppers abandoned a purchase because the experience wasn’t mobile-friendly. With these statistics in mind, it’s imperative that you make the eCommerce shopping experience as seamless as possible if you are going to capture a slice of this mobile ready-to-buy audience.

3) It will make SEO or search engine optimisation easier because all website URLS’ are the same, therefore you only need to optimise 1 website and this will transfer across all platforms. No matter the device, Samsung, Apple or whatever, a responsive design makes it far easier for Google to crawl the site, index it and in turn rank it. However, before you start jumping for joy and thinking that you are going to be on page 1 of Google for as soon as we build the site make sure you speak with us about our SEO services.

4) You will save vast amounts of money and time on any website changes that you need to be done. Why? Cause you only have to make 1 amend on the desktop version and this will transfer across all the other platforms. One amend and it’s done. Rather than do one for the desktop and one for the tablets and one for the mobile, this nifty technology does it in 1 go.

5) As stated above you will find that your customers will be happier which will result in higher conversions and lower bounce rates. This means more money in your bank account.

6) Your company looks more contemporary. It will make it appear more up to date with the latest technologies and this, in turn, will see your brand value skyrocket. Old outdated websites that look like they were built in the ’90s could be harming your image online. Think about this for a minute. Why would I shop with you, if your website looks horrible when a much more pleasurable experience is waiting for me 1 click away.

7) Blitz your competitors, blow them away and dominate your online space by being responsive. All you need to do is check your rivals website on your iPhone and if it looks unresponsive then go ahead and grab the advantage.

Steal their customers, plunder the market, divert all those juicy big new sales to your site and watch your profits rise. Your website is your showroom to the world. If you can make it as attractive as possible in the online environment, then you are going to smash your competition. This is 100% certainty.

8) If you have a current site that is not responsive and you want to take the plunge, this will force you into looking at your website from an entirely new perspective and may get you to look at your online marketing as a whole. Like a home renovation, you might only look at adding a deck out the back, but you end up remodelling the entire house. This is perfect for businesses that have been stagnant and somewhat lazy with their website, internet marketing, blogging, copy and social media. If it compels businesses to make positive changes in their approach to their business, through this one bit of new technology, then it’s a good thing. For example, I have seen businesses come into my office and want a small change to their website and after a 1-hour meeting, they have decided to re-evaluate their whole online position. In a way, it opens their eyes to the many great possibilities online.

OK where to from here…..if all this sounds like something you are after and you want to take the next step please contact the team at HMD and we will show you exactly what we can do for your website and bottom line.

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