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Have you ever thought about Retargeting or Remarketing your Website as a form of internet marketing? Do you have any idea how it works or what a powerful marketing and advertising tool this can be for your business? If you have never heard about this new marketing platform then following are some great reasons why you should be considering Retargeting or Remarketing for your business.

Have you ever been on a website and seen an ad appear that is totally unrelated to the website you are on and this ad looks somewhat very familiar? This is what is termed retargeting or remarketing. What happens is that an advert will appear on a website, as a result of a previous search you have done.

For example, you might have searched for ‘ SEO Companies in Sydney’, landed on a particular website, but never made an inquiry. What happens is that this website ( if they have implemented a retargeting campaign), will have a display ad appear when you look at other websites. Remember, this is not a Google search result. These ads will only appear on other websites.

Some people might think that these types of ads are annoying BUT statistics have shown that the click through rate or buy rate is much much higher when your potential customers see a RETARGETED DISPLAY ADVERT.




Australian research has shown that up to 93% of visitors to a website leave without making an inquiry or buying from the site. Add ing to this, 73% of consumers abandon and exit a shopping cart website, even though their trolley cart is full, they simply leave the site. This is a frightening statistic and leaves the door wide open for another marketing platform to help businesses reach their audience.

Retargeting is a potent and highly efficient way of re engaging these consumers again, who are predisposed to buying from you. That is, they are nearly over the line, but just need that gentle reminder.



We will partner closely with you to achieve your business objectives.
We will always:

> discuss your business objectives with a face to face meeting in our Sydney studio.

> prepare a targeted and well thought out plan, formulated in conjunction with you to
set out milestones and KPI’s

> examine and prioritise areas of your business that are in urgent need of extra sales and web traffic.

> undertake keyword research,that aligns with your key products or services.

> create awesome looking display ads by using our graphic design team – plus we have in house copywriters that can come up with catchy text to compliment the graphics.

> work our appropriate landing pages for these retargeted ads – that is, which pages on your website will your customers land on once they click on your ad.

> constantly test, measure click through rates and conversions – refine and modify ads on an on going basis.
ensure CPC rates are managed effectively

> prepare monthly reports and campaign analysis with regular meetings to go over campaign strategies.



You get to promote your business or brand on other high quality websites. This is a great way to increase your exposure online and get communicate to your audience again. If they didn’t buy from you in the first instance, then this gives them another opportunity.

 It really reinforces your brand. Let the team at Hopping Mad Designs come up with a great looking display ad for you that will stay in the mind of the consumer. If it’s memorable, then the consumer will be more likely to buy from you and not your competitor.


It increase the amount of leads you are likely to get. SEO and Adwords are a great tool, but retargeting TURBO CHARGES your online profile and will BOOST sales.


GOOGLE only allows you to write so much text on your adwords and will only display around 20 word snippets in the search results. Retargeting opens this window wide open and allows you to be as creative, loud, expressive and as ‘over the top’ as you like to capture the attention of the consumer. RETARGETING IS A REAL GAME CHANGER. You are able to personalise your offerings and be as targeted as you like.

You can change the advert depending on; special promotions, events, product specials, anything you can think of and this can be done relatively very quickly. If an ad is not working we can redesign it for you in a matter of hours and have it live that day! It’s any extremely dynamic and responsive from of advertising and if used properly can be a great addition to your online marketing arsenal.

SEO + ADWORDS AND RETARGETING should all be used together to give your business and website maximum exposure to your client base. The advantage of retargeting is that your SEO company can handle this for you, so there is no need to outsource this work to another third party. It is a simple add on.


Retargeting is for any business that relies on their website and Google to bring in new  customers and business.

HOTELS > promote specials and discounted room rates.
AIRLINES > offering last minute seat deals
RETAILERS > who have specials or products they need to promote quickly
INSURANCE COMPANIES > promoting, car, travel, health, business and home insurance.
LAWYERS, SOLICITORS, ACCOUNTANTS and all other B2B’s > wanting to expand their customer base or promote a new service ….perfect for accountants trying to get extra customers for the end of financial year – great for lawyers offering a new conveyancing arm to their practice.
TRADIES and BUILDERS >  looking to get new business.
PUBS, BARS and CLUBS > promoting their events, restaurants or bars

If, after reading this, you are a bit curious and would like to know more about retargeting. why not get in touch with us and find out all the great benefits it can bring to your business.


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