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Business owners looking to get a website designed, should be aware of the following rip offs that can fleece them of thousands of dollars. These are things your web agency will either lie to you about of NEVER tell you about. It’s a real tragedy that they behave in this manner and they do this for their own benefit. Please read these points and keep them front of mind, next time you are speaking with a website design or web development agency. AVOID GETTING COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF NOW!


This is a beauty and I know for a fact that most web agencies that are using their own in house customised CMS solution will lie to you and never flinch. They have got their story so well refined and so well rehearsed that they actually believe their own lies.

That is, that they will never tell you that the website they are building for you is on their own CMS platform and not an open source CMS like; WordPress or Joomla. They will omit this point unless you press or pressure them into telling you what CMS platform they are using.

They are going to do everything possible to avoid this question because they know that deep in their heart of hearts that their web cms solution is flawed and is not the ideal solution for your business.

Why I hear you ask?

Because, you are stuck using their CMS. You cannot go anywhere or use any other company that has anything to do with your website. You are tied to these guys for the life of your website and they have you completely locked in.

If you want to move companies, too bad. If you do not like the service you are getting; too bad. If you feel that you would like to make some web additions and want to test the market with pricing…well that’s a big issue, it cant be done and its too bad. If you are unhappy with the way the CMS works, well that’s just too bad.

Guess what? You have just made the first fatal error when it comes to your website and this is not a good start.

To add to the problems, these shonky web agencies and I mean shonky, will start charging you a monthly fee for the use of this content management system. Over time, you will find that these monthly ‘so called’ fees are going to rise.

What for?

That’s a great question. They will tell you it’s for security upgrades to your website and that these CMS fees are necessary for updates you may have etc etc.

It’s all a lot of hot air, bull, and baloney. Don’t get suckered in or ripped of by these guys who are offering their own CMS platform. You are only going to regret it in the short to medium term. This I can promise you!

So before you commit to a website design agency, please make sure you ask them what CMS platform you will be using! It’s a simple one off question that can save you a hell of a lot of grief in the future.

A point to not here is that most Sydney based Web Agencies will NEVER tell you about the CMS platform – they are going to dodge an d weave around this question and try to throw you off the track – don’t fall for this routine and don’t believe ( and excuse my language here) all the BS surrounding their custom CMS.

It’s all designed and devised to take your money and to keep on taking it on a monthly basis!




If you think you are going to save a few dollars by using cheap web companies or offing it to crowd sourcing sites for the best deal, you are going to get hammered and completely ripped off online. You might as well throw away the couple of hundred dollars – in fact, if you are in this head space and want to even try this out, you probably should think twice about being in business or having a website. Sorry, but this is the truth!

Yes, this is a harsh statement, but if you don’t understand how important a website is and if you are wanting to scrimp and save a few dollars on your most important marketing tool…well, then you are heading down the wrong path – that is the path to failure. The successful people are the ones who are willing to fork out money for a website and are the ones who know the value of true creativity and marketing from the outset.

I am not saying that you have to pay a fortune…I’m just warning you about these cheap online deals and shonky web players.




How are they going to get an accurate design brief and know about your business from you filling out a silly form. This is your business, this is your livelihood and these people think that hey can advice you properly without a meeting.

Get real!! This is a joke and the fast, slick sales talk, that is, fill in the form, read our wordy, graph filled, pretty pictured document and we will do wonders for your business…..what a load of utter nonsense. These people are on real heavy sales targets and they couldn’t give a dam about you ever succeeding. Their primary concern is to lock you into a web contract, even worse a SEO contract that is going to siphon off your marketing budget before you even begin – I hate these guys and I hate they way they ruin the good name of decent agencies like ours.

All I can tell you is be warned and be on guard for these types of tricks!



Come on, this is a joke. Sure they may have some elements that are SEO friendly, but without a SEO campaign, your new website will have absolutely no chance of ranking.

These web guys are so full of the sales pitch and are so motivated to get you suckered in to believing them that they will even use the whole…oh you website is going to rank once we have finished. I have never heard such an inventive and outrageous lie in my life.

For gods sake…these web designers who claim to be SEO experts, are going to cause real harm to your business and chances of ever succeeding.

My advice is to be very wary of any ranking claims and ask for real evidence. I bet they can’t show you anything. Go with a proper SEO agency in Sydney – if you look hard enough you will find them.

A GREAT TIP here is to avoid web agencies that are not prepared to meet with you face to face. If they have fancy documents that are 30 pages long, then they are hiding something. These guys are trying to cover up their inefficiencies, lack of design skill, over inflated pricing for their CMS and crappy SEO.


I am not just writing this because I am in the web and SEO game and I’m trying to promote our business. I am blogging about this because I have a genuine passion about business and I just hate good, honest, hard working people who want to get a website, being ripped off and conned out of what could be a good opportunity.


If you Google ‘WEB DESIGN’ you will see these shrewd, dishonest, shady, deceptive and fraudulent companies either advertising through adwords or ranking organically – obviously I cannot name them BUT I strongly urge you to do your homework, make the right inquiries, ask the appropriate questions and if you are still confused give me a call on 02 9360 8514 – even better come in for a chat and I will clearly outline the best web solutions and digital marketing strategies for your business.


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