Graphic Design FAQs

Want to know more about our graphic design services and have some more questions? Don't hesitate to call us anytime.
Do you outsource your graphic design work?

All graphic design work is done by Jo, the creative director of Hopping Mad Design, and we never outsource our work unless it’s for printing or other graphic elements like explainer video animation.

Will I own the designs after the job?

Once the job is finished, you will own all the intellectual property and designs. After all, it’s your property and part of your marketing collateral.

How many options do I get for a logo design?

This will depend on the budget, but generally, we will design 2 to 3 separate logo design style options for you as part of the initial presentation.

What happens if I don't like the graphic design work?

We try to get the designs right from the original brief, but if you are unhappy with the designs, we will see why and make amends based on your feedback.

Web Design FAQs

Will my new website work on mobile phones & tablets?

Yes. We will design 3 interfaces (desktop, mobile and tablet) ensuring your website will look as good on a mobile as it does on a desktop. This responsive feature is standard with every website we design and develop. Make sure you speak with us about the SEO benefits of a responsive / mobile website.

Why does my new website need to now be responsive?

With so many people using mobiles most of your customers now expect a seamless experience when browsing online. This means your website must render perfectly on all hand held devices and tablets. Without this optimised version, your customers will not engage/ buy from your website. Plus, Google now ranks responsive websites above those that are purely desktop.

What happens if I do not like the web designs?

We always try and lock in a brief with you before we begin. This is also part of the wireframe and scoping process. It does happen sometimes that personal taste can differ – so if you are unhappy with the design, we find out why and make the necessary amends. Remember we are here to make sure you have the best looking, most conversion-focused website around.web

What are wireframes?

These are the website blueprints or a detailed site map that shows the complete layout of the website and how it functions, without graphics. Essentially, it’s the website logic and process flows.

Will my website look the same across all computers?

There is always going to be some slight variations depending on personal browsers and settings but we do try to minimise this. During our web development and testing phase, we check how the site is viewed on the most current browsers. Our websites do not support old browsers.

Will you organise website hosting?

Of course, we will. Your website has to be online 24/7, safe, secure and protected from hackers. We ensure that your website is hosted on an Australian platform and is in very safe hands.

Can someone help me write the wording for the website as I do not have time and I have never done this before?

Sure we can. We have great copywriters than know how to write effective, sales focused Google-friendly content for your site. Having professional, sparkling copy will make a huge difference to your website. This is an added service we offer. Make sure you ask us about this.

Will my site be SEO friendly?

Sure it will. Our WordPress CMS means that every site we build has a Google-friendly SEO structure set up. Plus we can add SEO plugins so you can add in customised titles and descriptions. If you are serious about wanting an SEO campaign, make sure you speak with us about a tailored SEO campaign for your business. This is another excellent service offering that we know very well. If you want to rank on page 1 of Google, we will get you there.

Can you organise my domain name?

Your domain name (address of your website – it can be a, .com, .org, or even is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business and choosing it correctly can have an impact on your business in the digital space. We can help you choose the perfect domain name to not only reflect your business but also to make it search engine friendly.

Can you help design a new logo for my business?

We have a fantastic team of graphic designers that can design a brand-new customised logo for your business. Once finished we can develop up a set of stationery for you and even some new brochures to go with that new logo. We can design any type of sales or marketing material you may need. Make sure you ask us about this as we do so much more than web and SEO.

How do I start the web process?

We ask all our clients to come in for a design brief where we can get a better understanding of your business’s goals and what you are trying to achieve with your website. If this is your first time getting a website designed or giving a brief, we are more than happy to guide you through this process and help you understand your business and how we can help grow it online. We are a friendly bunch of people so we make this process as easy as possible for you.

Do you design eCommerce websites?

Yes, we do and we can design absolutely gorgeous sites that are designed for the best online shopping experience. Plus we know how to build them so the products rank on Google. We can handle any aspect of your eCommerce store including copywriting, UX design and SEO. If you like we can even design a website that looks like your bricks and mortar shop – if need be.

What is WordPress and why do you build your sites using this?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) where we build our websites. This means that you, the customer can get into the site ( through an admin area) and make changes whenever and where ever you like. It’s fully open-source which makes this the perfect tool for any business. We love it because it’s so simple and easy to use. Plus, it’s totally transferable. There are always add-ons as WordPress is constantly upgrading its offering and security. WordPress can be used for any type of site, large or small, from simple static one-page sites to complex back-end sites.

The really big advantage is that you are not locked into any proprietary CMS systems, with lock-in contracts.

How do I learn how to use the CMS?

Forget about having to pay a web agency for every web amendment you want to make. Those days are over. Once your WordPress website site is built we will train you in how to use the CMS. If there are still things you do not understand in the future we are here to answer any questions you may have. This saves you so much money as our CMS puts you in total control.

Can I make design amends through the CMS?

Unfortunately no. The site is built around custom wireframes so if you require design amends we do have to go back into development. You can however change the content. This will be fully explained to you in the training session.

I currently have a WordPress CMS, should I update this?

Absolutely, but make sure you have a backup of your current website before you start this process. Having a current WordPress CMS means that you are future-proofing your site against hackers.

Do you set up my email as well?

If you host the website with us, we can set up your company email as well. This way you can have a very professional looking email address that’s aligned with your business name and website. No more Hotmail or Yahoo email addresses again!

Am I locked into any contracts with Hopping Mad?

Absolutely no. Once we have launched the site you will be given all the logins and there are no contracts or monthly fees. You will be able to take your site anywhere you like. The only yearly fee is for the hosting of your website you are free to take another hosting provider if you prefer. Other agencies want to lock you into contracts…NOT US!

Will my website have a blog?

Yes, it will and we will show you how to blog effectively to get more business through content marketing. This is great for becoming an industry authority and getting a better Google ranking. Our blogs are all built using WordPress.

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I can easily get a free website, why should we use your web design services?

A free template-style website is OK for some businesses BUT the majority of businesses need to have a website designed by a professional agency. WHY? Because there are so many variables that must combine to make your website an effective marketing tool. Free websites are OK if you want to take the cookie-cutter approach to your business but if you what to get customers and grow your business then a free/cheap website is not a good option.

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We see far too many people who have tried to use free web templates only to find out that they do not work and are ineffective. It might seem like a good idea to begin with BUT believe me when I tell you this – it’s a big mistake. Please also note that many of these free websites are infected with viruses and malware which will affect your Google rankings and make the site susceptible to hackers. Not a good way to go about your business, especially if you rely on it to get new business. Remember – WE NEVER USE TEMPLATES TO DESIGN our sites they are all completely customised.


Why do you not offer Guaranteed Rankings like other SEO agencies?

Many SEO agencies offer these guarantees in order to give you a sense of security. This is a lie and we do not abide by this set of blatant fraudulent selling techniques. No one can make guarantees when it comes to Google rankings and it’s our ethical business principles that ensure we follow the best SEO practices.

There is no such thing as a guarantee and anyone who tells you this should be avoided at all costs. This is why we never offer any type of ranking guarantee. What we do guarantee is that by using our proven SEO services you will have a lot better chance of sustainable long-term Google rankings.

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Why do some companies offer Pay On Performance SEO and you don't?

Like SEO guarantees, this is a sales technique used to rank ‘very low traffic’ easy-to-rank keywords to prove a certain level of activity and ability. Basically, anyone can rank these keywords and once they have done this they then lock you into a lengthy contract.

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These sales methods are designed to trick naive business owners and fleece them of money. They operate on a system of quick easy to attain wins and then lock you into their contract and do nothing for the rest of the contract period. It’s a massive scam.

We do not operate in this fashion. We are highly ethical when it comes to search engine optimisation.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term strategy. Whilst there are some quick wins, SEO and the ranking of keywords, especially in competitive niches can take many months. One has to be patient and be prepared to be in it for the long haul. If you have a new URL (website address) this ranking process can take longer as we need to establish credibility with your URL.

If we try to rush the process this will be detected by Google as ‘spammy’, optimisation and result in a penalty.

How long should I be doing SEO for?

SEO is a long-term strategy and whilst Google keeps on rolling out new algorithmic updates and changes its ranking algorithm you need to be doing SEO. It should be considered as part of your marketing mix and you should be implementing an SEO campaign all the time. It is not ideal to start/stop/start SEO. It should be a constant, gradual and steady process.

Why does SEO take so long?

If you rush SEO you will seem inorganic in the eyes of Google and seeming like you are trying to manipulate page ranking quickly will only result in a penalty. The proper and only way to do SEO is slowly, and methodically and this is the reason why it takes time.

Quick, speedy rankings are unsustainable and are only done through dodgy SEO agencies. We never operate like this and prefer a steady even-handed SEO approach. This is the best and only technique you should be looking at implementing.

All SEO companies are saying the same thing...why are you different?

All you have to do is look at the great organic rankings we have been able to achieve for our own website and this should be proof enough of our abilities in regards to SEO. Many SEO companies over promise ( and tell you what you want to hear) in order to secure your business. The reality is we do not have to pay to be on Google using Adwords – we are there organically, so whatever methods we have employed to secure our top position, we will do for you. Basically, we deliver SEO rankings, without the hype, spin or fancy sales talk.

How do I decide who I should hire to do my SEO?

Whatever you do, DO NOT hire an SEO agency that offers guarantees. These are a scam and will only lead to a Google penalty. Make sure you hire an agency like Hopping Mad Designs that has it’s own awesome organic natural rankings. Never choose an SEO agency that has had to advertise to be on page 1 of Google via Adwords.

Also, never ever use an agency that offers page 1 rankings within 90 days or you do not have to pay a cent. They are also scammers and will rank low-quality keywords with little relevance. They will use ultra spammy/dodgy techniques to rank these keywords and then lock you into a contract.

I have tried SEO with another agency before and it didn't work. What does Hopping Mad offer that is different?

Using an SEO agency and not getting the type of results you were looking for is a very common problem. In fact, most people that call us are in this situation and have a tarnished, negative view of SEO companies. Essentially, they do not trust them anymore. Basically, there are far too many dodgy SEO agencies out there with absolutely no idea about what they are doing. Their main skill set is selling their service to you, by telling you exactly what you want to hear – over-promising and making ridiculous ranking guarantees ( even Google tells us that there is no such thing as a ranking guarantee).

Hopping Mad Designs is different because we have a team of experienced strategists that are constantly researching the next Google algorithmic update and adjusting our proven SEO methods to ensure your website’s rankings remain safe and stable. All you need to do is look at our own great rankings as proof of our awesome SEO abilities.

We don’t have to make silly statements like ‘ no rank no pay’ OR ‘ 90-day guarantees’ as our SEO techniques are proof enough and speak for themselves.

How much does SEO cost?

It depends on the competitive nature of the keywords and niche you are trying to rank for. Competitive keywords require more work and the cost is therefore higher. remember those SEO agencies offering cheap deals and packages are just trying to under-quote to get your business. They will basically do nothing and keep on collecting a monthly fee. Avoid cheap SEO packages. Please read SEO Sydney Prices.

Why should I outsource the SEO rather than doing it myself?

SEO is an evolving discipline and requires a very hands-on approach. You need to be monitoring this 24/7 and know what you are doing. Small mistakes can result in severe Google penalties and whilst you may think you know what you are doing, you may in fact be doing more harm than good. Leave it to the experts like Hopping Mad Designs who have in-house specialists. We have seen far too many businesses fall flat when they take on a DIY approach to their SEO – it might seem like a good idea at the time, but in most cases, it all ends up going pear-shaped.

Why do my Google rankings fluctuate?

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to weed out spammy, non-compliant websites and in the process there are fluctuations. This is natural and happens frequently. Our job as SEO experts is to minimise these fluctuations and ensure that your rankings are stable.

Should I invest in Adwords or SEO?

Most people will start an Adwords or PPC campaign whilst they are doing SEO to score some quick wins. Adwords is immediate and for the short term, whilst SEO is a medium to long-term strategy. Once we have been able to rank your main keywords on Google, you can look at reducing your Adwords spend. So, start with both and then over time focus more on SEO.

I was ranking really well 6 months ago but my rankings suddenly dropped, what's going on?

The reason your Google rankings have dropped is because of the unsustainable links that were built by your past SEO company. Sure, they might have helped you get to page 1, but this was only temporary, a ‘sugar hit’ and once Google picked up on this it devalued the links and your rankings in turn have suffered. This is very common and it’s due to many businesses not choosing the right SEO agency to work with. You need an agency like Hopping Mad Designs where we can build proper links that will almost certainly sustain your rankings.

Are SEO Guarantees true?

No, they are not and any SEO agency that is telling you that they will offer some sort of guarantee is going to rip you off. watch out for these tactics as they are a scam.

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty is when you have actively been engaging in SEO practices that go against Google’s best practices. SEO activities that will earn you a Google penalty include: over optimisation of backlinks, thin web content, plagiarised web copy and keyword stuffing.

A Google penalty is when your site complete disappears from the search results of SERP’s. This is the most extreme form of a Google penalty. Other penalties include a manual action when your sites main keywords are dropped back to page 6, 7 or even 10.

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Conversion Rate FAQ's

How will conversion rate optimisation help my business?

Improving your websites conversion rates will ultimately help with your sales inquiries and revenue. Would a 30% increase in sales inquires be helpful? You bet!

Having your website sit high on the search results of Google is one thing, but what do clients do when they land on your website? Do they engage with it or simply exit the site? this is what conversion is all about and this is why it is now a critical factor.

What are the most conversions to track?

You have to look at the number of phone calls you are receiving, email inquiries you are getting online and any other forms or calls to action you want your customers to engage in.

Social Media FAQs

What are the benefits of doing social media?

If you want to communicate with a massive audience very quickly, then social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the perfect mediums. All businesses, no matter who they are or their size, should have at least 1 social media account and be actively posting content.

The digital space is now so crowded, and ranking on Google is super competitive, so marketing through social media channels is another great way to promote your business.

Anything you post, tweet or publish is instant, and in this social space, things can happen very quickly. This is the beauty of it.

What is the best social media platform for my business?

This depends on where your customer base is and who you want to target. For example, younger people might gravitate towards Instagram, whilst corporate businesses tend to be on LinkedIn. Ideally, you need to know your market and which platform they use. But social media platforms like TikTok are now big players in the social media space, so your business must be flexible in which platforms they decide to use.

This can be hit-and-miss to start with, but over time, you will work out where your message is getting the most amount of online traction. You need to monitor this carefully so you don’t waste too much time marketing to the wrong audience.

Can Hopping Mad Designs manage my social media for me?

Yes, we can and we manage the social media for many businesses. We can develop a campaign strategy based on your desired outcomes and implement a social media campaign designed to get your product or service maximum exposure. If you are too time poor or simply do not fully understand how social media works, we can handle this side of your marketing for you. You will find that our rates are very reasonable which means you get a great rate of return on your monthly investment.

I don't have a Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram page, can you create them?

We sure can and the really good thing about this part is that all these social media profiles are totally FREE!

Are there any hidden costs with your social media marketing management?

The only extra costs are if you want to spend money on Facebook ads. We will let you know a budget before we do anything. But generally, there are no additional fees.

How often do you publish content & post with your social media package?

This really depends on the budget but we would spend roughly 5 -7 hours per week working on your social media campaign. We spend the time planning a strategy and the rest executing it. Of course, we do give you reports every month on how your campaign is tracking and the results you are getting. We are extremely hands-on and involved when it comes to your social media.

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