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Your landing pages on your website are the same as your front window of a shop– it’s really the first impression you give out to a customer or client, so it has to look its best. If your landing page looks anything less than great it will not convert those visitors into paying customers. Following is some sound advice for getting those landing pages looking awesome.

You Must Have an Attention Grabbing Headline

Titles and headlines are so important in catching the eye of the reader. Newspapers, magazines and newsletters do this, so your landing page should do this as well. If you expect someone to stop and read your web page, then the heading; whether on a blog, article or post needs to really stand out.

Spend just that bit more time developing a great headline and you will see the benefits on your conversion rates. The more that people find, read and engage with your landing page, the higher the conversion rate – it’s simple mathematics!

What are the four main elements in creating that great headline

  • Focus Driven: tell the reader exactly what the page is about – catchy, quirky, fun grabs are OK but they cannot be too off topic.
  • Maintain Relevance: The headline must be exactly about what you are telling the consumer – saying anything else will just confuse or send out mixed messages.
  • Explain the Benefits: An awesome headline will immediately tell the user the benefit about reading the page. For example, “Learn How to Drive in 10 Days” is a lot better than “ Driving Secrets”.
  • Don’t Be Too Over the Top: Keep headings simple and not long winded.


Do You Know your Audience?


Examine your landing pages through the eyes of the potential client you are looking to convert.

How have they found your landing page and what drove them to search for this? You have to satisfy this curiosity with relevant answers or solutions to that can help in their acquisition. If they were looking for dog walkers in Parramatta, the landing pages will need to have the following:

  • catchy headline like: “Are you looking for the best dog walkers in Parramatta? ”
  • answers to questions throughout the landing pages like: times you work, prices you charge, areas your service. Once they see statements like ‘ONLY $25 per hour for dog walking’ in the text, they will be more inclined to find out more.


Highlight the Benefits More Than Features


People have come to your website because they know what they are looking for. Now it is time to make that landing page sell to them. Sure you can have the features in a specifications document, but the purpose of the landing page is to convert users and for this to happen it needs to have a sales emphasis.

People like to know all the benefits before they make a purchase and these need to be highlighted on as many landing pages as possible.


Have You Thought About a Call To Action on your Landing Page


Calls to action buttons really highlight benefits and positive features you want readers to focus on. They are a great way to drive people around your website and not only get their attention but steer them down the web paths you want them to navigate.

Don’t be shy when it comes to have these call to actions. Put several on your website and watch the conversion rates rise. They are a wonderful, easy to implement and quick fix tool that can have an enormous impact on web traffic and customer inquiries.

Think about the impact that the 2 words ‘ FREE SHIPPING”  in a big, bold, highlighted box will have. Try it out and measure the performance.


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