Reasons to Consider a Microsite Strategy

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Microsites are an awesome way to highlight a new product you may be selling or a new service offering. Microsites are a great way to market a particular component of your business quickly and cost effectively. Following are some reasons why your business should consider microsite strategy:

Microsites have a Focused Message

Every microsite can be designed and written for a certain target audience.  Its an awesome way to get a very specific message out there on line and either sell it hard to your client base or have it as a very informative focused message for your audience.

Microsite visitor traffic are not going to be swayed or distracted by other parts of your website, because they have landed on this page because they have made a very specific search.

If your overall objective is to enhance your corporate branding, increase website conversions or maximise sales leads, microsites are a very effective marketing solution for businesses.

All you need is a 1 page microsite and once indexed by Google you can begin to leverage your marketing strategy off this page. Why not do another microsite page for another part of your business? It’s so easy to do…Call 02 9360 8514.


Awesome for your SEO

Targeted microsite content will be make it very easy for the search engines to find you. The search engines absolutely love specific content and this is exactly what Microsites deliver!


Think About Your Domain Name Carefully

The beauty about Microsites is that you are able to have a great keyword rich domain names, so it ranks easily for the search on Google. Part of search engines ranking algorithm is the weight placed on the name of the URL, when it serves up results – combine a targeted domain name with rich relevant content and you will be on a winner.


Capitalise on the Design Opportunities

If you are creating a one off site for your particular audience why not give your graphic designers the freedom to design specifically for this market. Where as your website might have to appeal a wider audience, with a microsite you can have a lot more design flexibility.


Microsites increase your Conversion rate Optimisation.

Showcasing just one page and really selling hard on this microsite page will boost for your conversions. Think about it, people are on this site because they are really looking for something specific. If you are able to harness this audience and convert active buyers in paying customers, then your conversion rate will skyrocket.


Localise Content and Drive New Business.

Concentrating microsites on specific geographic areas will localise your service offerings and drive conversions. If you are seeling in Sydney only, then design a microsite with a strong focus on Sydney.


Microsites can be considered another marketing tool that you can use to promote your business. But remember, it has to be executed and marketed properly if it has any chance of succeeding.


Implementing this strategy by using a digital design agency like Hopping Mad Designs that has been building Microsites since 1998 – will give the the best opportunity of success.

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