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There is a good reason we build all our websites using the WordPress CMS and this is because we absolutely love WordPress. One might ask with so many content management systems out there to be used, what is so special about WordPress and why do you rave on about it so much. The answer is simple. WordPress has liberated our coding and made life so easy for us as web designers and developers. It’s a real dream and following are reasons why you should be demanding ( from your design agency) that all your websites are built using the WordPress CMS platform.

One really interesting point to note before I begin is that WordPress powers nearly 25% of the internet – can you see why we love it so much. It’s that popular for a good reason.
It’s Super Google-friendly.
Let’s be very real here. You want your website to rank on Google it’s as simple as that. WordPress websites have the inbuilt functionality to adjust all titles and description in real time so that your website is very Google compliant. Plus all the add – ons and security features make this CMS platform the golden child in the eyes of Google. At Hopping Mad Designs we have migrated websites over to WordPress from other platforms and have seen SEO rankings shoot up immediately just because we have transferred  the site over to WP.

It’s amazing how quickly Google responds to this. A point to note here is that if you are migrating a website over to WordPress you do need to implement a whole lot of whats called: ‘301 redirects’. So speak to us before you do anything as you certainly do not want to compromise any Google rankings you have. Having said that we will migrate your old website over to a WordPress with all the love and care it deserves so you preserve and improve on those precious Google rankings.

It’s Extremely easy to understand and use.
Like all businesses things change. Staff come and go, services are added, new product lines are introduced and you want to be able to have the ability to add and delete website content whenever you like. WordPress facilitates this like no other CMS platform we have ever used in the past. OMG…it’s so simple to use. All you need to do is get into the back end through a very secure admin area and the rest is child’s play. You will get the hang of it within 10 minutes.

WordPress is totally intuitive, meaning that you can add content, blog posts (blogging is great for SEO), images, products, shopping carts, news items, social media…what ever you can think of, WordPress will do it. On top of all this, when you get Hopping Mad to design and build your next website, we will train you in WordPress – this is all part of our great customer service.

It’s very flexible.
People sometimes think that because we build our websites using WordPress we are using a free theme which is very common amongst some websites. A lot of businesses actually use these themes and they work to some extent quite well. BUT, the beauty of WordPress is that we use the CMS as the building blocks for a custom-built website. See, every site we design is completely customised based on your business. Remember you are coming to us because you want you website to look completely different from anything else.

WordPress is so flexible that is allows us to get in there and create a stunning, unique looking website all within its CMS platform. PLUS WordPress allows us to design your website so that it’s mobile friendly. It’s absolutely FANTASTIC! Image, you get a completely customised website that is going to render perfectly on your mobile phone that is super easy to update.

It’s an open source platform.
This is a really important feature of WordPress & all business owners should sit up and pay attention to this 1 point if any. It is really a BIG ONE!
Ok, what does open source platform mean? It means that developers from around the globe are all working on WP to improve its usability. It is open to everyone. This means that any programmer can use it from any where in the world.

So how can this benefit my business I hear you ask? Let’s say for example you have had your website built by a company that uses it’s own in house CMS platform. This means you are essentially, tied to that web development agency for the life of the website. You are stuck, you cannot go anywhere, and if this turn sour, you are stuffed cause they own the CMS. I have seem these types of web design / client relationships turn really nasty cause the web developer will not relinquish their CMS access to the client when the relationship goes belly up. With WordPress you are not tied to anyone agency. Being open source gives your the business freedom to take your website anywhere you like.

Believe me when I tell you that this is a real issue for many people who get caught out being stuck with a bad web agency and MUST use their CMS. Basically, you have to throw you website away and start again from the beginning. In some cases this is fine but just imaging if you have a massive eCommerce site…how can you simply delete it? WordPress = Freedom! Do not forget this fact.

As your WordPress website designers and developer in Sydney, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about using WordPress.

Obviously this blog tells you why we love WordPress but as a web , SEO and digital agency we do so much more than just working with WP. Why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514 to see how we can help grow your business online and get all those new sales leads that are out there waiting to be had.

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