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If you are a start up or small business, one of your most valuable marketing tools will be your business website. Using a web studio like Hopping Mad to design and build your website is a great first step to your small business successful online marketing strategy. We have the web design expertise and know-how to make your website stand out and be competitive. By using an all-round Sydney based web company you can rest easy that all your design, programming, copy writing and marketing (including SEO) will be handled by one company; all in-house, by senior design professionals and be 100% Australian made.

If you are looking for the right web company to design and build your website then Hopping Mad Designs is the best chocie.

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Small Business Web Design By Hopping Mad.

Getting all the right pieces of the website jigsaw puzzle to fit together nicely, is the job of a professional web design team. If you think it is just a matter of throwing a few images together and coding it up then you are completely wrong. For a website to work effectively you now need all variables such as: content, site graphics and speed, site architecture, usability and programming to all work in a cohesive well thought and planned out manner if it is going to work and bring your business.


Web Copywriting for Business Start-Ups

Having professionally written content for your website is a critical component of your website. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if you want web users to stay on your site, the content must be easy to read and informative. Secondly, if you want your website to rank on Google,  your content must be relevant, on topic and unique. The search engines, especially Google love to index new content – hence well worded content will do wonders for your SEO ranking.

Most start up businesses have little or no clue how to write web and SEO friendly content so this process, if you want it done correctly, must be handled by experts that know what it takes to keep users on the site as well as satisfying the stringent criteria set out by the search engines. At Hopping Mad Designs we know that we have the best web copywriters on board.


Graphic Design for Small Business Websites.

Internet users are actually quite savvy when it comes to doing their online research. When searching for a product or service they may spend hours online looking for that right fit.

Most people will use Google to narrow down the search field and conduct their research based on say 10-20 companies or businesses they have found. If your business has any hope of making an initial impression and standing out then it must have web graphics that are eye catching.

A great example of this is the Hopping Mad home page. You can see that we have created a combination of very striking images, combined with text that really grabs the users attention. This is managed through a carousel or rotating graphics that sell our message in a clever fashion that actually means something. We have also played on our name ‘hopping mad’ by incorporating a hopping mad frog image. People ring us up and say: love your home page and they always, even after many years remember and refer to the frog.

Having a web studio with a strong focus and background in graphic design is the key to website success.


Small Business Search Engine Optimisation.

There is no point in having a web site if no one is able to find you online. If you are going to go to the trouble of getting a website designed, then you also need to drive traffic through to the site.

This is known as search engine optimisation or SEO. SEO is the processes and techniques employed to get a site ranking ( preferably on page 1) on the search engines. There are many different ways to get a site ranked and these vary from company to company and the trick for small business owners and start ups is to find a SEO company that will do the best possible job for your business, using the best SEO practices.


When is Comes to SEO: Be Careful

There are a few tell tale signs of these kinds of dodgy businesses and possibly the easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the following few points:

They promise extremely quick results they may be using bad SEO practices to achieve this, but the quicker you rise, the quicker you fall. SEO takes time and proper, credible rankings can only be achieved and maintained through solid, long term strategies. Quick fixes never work and only result in big issues for your website when you get found out.

SEO takes time and human resources and therefore like any professional this must be paid for. Cheap SEO packages, will mean that your work is outsourced to third world countries where the work carried out on your online strategy will be handled by a group of amateurs who are unsupervised and may not comply to the rigorous Australian web + SEO standards.

They try to lock you in to a contract for a lengthy period of time with no option of breaking this contract. This means that what ever they do and what ever work they carry out, you have no option of escape. They could be doing a really bad job, and doing damage to your brand and online marketing with no option of escape. Look for companies that are prepared to work on your SEO on a month by month basis with no lock in long term contracts.

Engaging the services of a professional group of SEO experts like Hopping Mad Designs means that you can be rest easy that we will rank your website using tried and proven tactics.


At Hopping Mad we feel that we have the best in the business working with us and this is just great news for small businesses and start ups looking to drive more visitors to their site.


Easy to Use WordPress Content Management Systems.

Businesses are dynamic and always changing. People come and go, products change, services and divisions are added, whilst internal company news is constantly evolving. To keep your customers up to speed on these changes you want to be able to have access to your website and make these updates when ever you feel like. For this reason, Hopping Mad will develop your new website around a very robust content management system, allowing you easy access into he back end to make site wide amends and changes.


One important note to make is that Google now looks to web content when ranking sites. If the algorithm detects that your site is constantly being updated with new copy that is topic specific, you will find that you web ranking will skyrocket.
Once you start seeing your articles appear in the search results you will see the value in having a CMS.


Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and Email Set-up


Hopping Mad Designs can help you with choosing your domain name or URL as well as the web hosting and email set-up.
Choosing a domain name for your business is now a fundamental component is getting your site ranked and for this reason you do need a company that knows SEO to help you out with this.

In regards to web hosting, Hopping Mad offers a local web hosting that is speedy, secure and 99.99 % reliable. Our servers are all securely located in Sydney with regular system updates and security patches added. Our hosting allows for up to 1GB of diskspace per month which is ample for any small business. We also allow up o 10GB of storage per mailbox which again is more than enough for start ups.

We can even set up emails that match your business name and spread these over different departments within your company e.g sales@ or marketing@.


Super Friendly Staff

Working on a new website can be some what intimidating and overwhelming process for some people. They might never have been into a design studio and a little unsure about how to deliver a design brief. On top of this they are also unable to clearly define or articulate exactly what they are after design wise. T

As design industry veterans Hopping Mad knows how hard this can be for the average person, this is why we encourage a face to face meeting where we can site down in our office, in a very relaxed environment and go over the whole web process. Plus we can also explain clearly to you the very many online marketing options available for your start up.

Our down to earth, friendly manner means that we are able to get the best possible design brief from you and deliver superior designs all at very small business start up rates.


Mobile Website for Small Business

We are able to design and build your website so that it can be viewed on all hand held devices. This is called responsive web design and is now possible for your small business.


If you are a start up or a small business looking to get your first website then why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514.



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