Benefits of Instagram for your Business

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The benefits of Instagram for your business is huge. Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the iTunes store and it can be used to help your business grow and reach a whole new market. I know that as an Instagram user I follow many businesses and enjoy the pictures and comments that they update. Once you get a better understanding of how it works you will see how beneficial it can be for your business. Instagram if used properly, can be one of your best marketing tools! If you are a business owner, you should find this article interesting.

Instagram has the Personal Touch

Instagram is the perfect platform to show your other side – unlike LinkedIn, Instagram gives your clients the opportunity to see more of who you are and not just the business side of things. Uploading interesting images will get you more followers and larger exposure. It is not hard to take a picture with your phone and upload it. You will be surprised how positively people respond to this new form of marketing.

So How Would This Work?

Heres some great examples – go behind the scenes of your business and:

  • take pictures of factory staff
  • show employees working
  • new products being tested, developed or sold
  • product launches
  • a picture of a group meeting of sales/staff meeting
  • take photos of staff preparing food
  • anything that tweaks the users interest.

Some of these might seem odd, but it is exactly this oddness that people like.

Exposure to a New Demographic

The idea behind Instagram is simple. Take a picture and connect with other people who like that photo. Businesses  can connect with people all over Australia and the world. This opens your business up to a whole new demographic. Its fast, quick and a powerful marketing platform –  perfect for businesses of every size. You will be amazed at how quick you can get followers and start marketing and talking to them. See how quickly you can grow you customer base in a week!

How Does This Work?

  • If you are connecting with a young audience take cool, hip images that they will understand and relate to – check the Hollister or Rip Curl Instagram profile as a great example
  • Hotels can take images of guest facilities or the area around the hotel tourist might find interesting
  • Airlines can take images of staff or pictures of destinations they go to – Air Asia have a great Instagram profile So do a lot of surfing and travel companies.
  • Wine Companies, can take images of the grapes being picked and the fermenting process.

The list goes on and on and they images you can take are endless.

Network Effectively

There is much more to Instagram than pretty pictures. Instagram like any other social platform, needs working on if it is to be used to it’s full potential.

All online social media networks are designed to bring people closer, so once you have started to get followers, you should begin to interact and network with them. It’s a great new way to reach out to a new customer base.

So How Do I Start Networking?

Like, comment and connect with followers and watch in turn your followers start to rise – simple as that – not much effort involved at this stage.

But to network effectively, see who is following you and see their comments. You can then begin to target these people with specific images they like. Remember, networking in this fashion requires you to be constantly involved with Instagram. I’m not saying that you have to spend hours and hours on this, but at least be active enough so that your followers are growing. You must keep active for this to happen.

It’s Free

Instagram is totally free and the only expense is your time. Give it a go and see the kind of results you get – you really have nothing to loose, except gain a few new client’s.

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