First Sentences Crucial for Search Engine Optimisation

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Google now places much more weight and value on the first few sentences of text from your website or blog in relation to how it ranks the page. That is, from a search engine optimisation point of view, the first few sentences of what ever you write will have the greatest impact on SEO, rather than the rest of the content on that page.

This makes perfect sense as it is this introductory copy that tells us what the rest of the page will be about.  The trick here is to have relevant words peppered throughout this text combined with attention grabbing copy. This will create a great balance and will get your page ranked high up on Google.

If you are a blogger and rely on content marketing to drive traffic to your website, then this is a very important rule and something that should be adhered to with each and every blog or page of your website.

If you can get your head around what Google indexes and ranks, then this will be great for your online marketing and a massive boost for your search engine optimisation. 

A Few Examples:

  • A Electrician Working in Sydney, would want to include the words, electrician and Sydney in the opening couple of sentences. Obviously, other words should be on time, friendly and services they offer. All this will get read by Google and should rank this web page very high.
  • A Lawyer wanting to discuss his divorce services, should have the words divorce and lawyer in the opening sentence. Add in about 500 words and presto, the page gets ranked.

From the above points, you should get the idea on how important those first couple of words and sentences are from an SEO perspective.

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