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OK, I am going to give a bit of a secret away, well it’s not really a secret, but a great tip if you are into SEO and getting your website ranked. That is, you should factor blogging into your website. Make sure that your design agency puts a blog on your new site and that they teach you how to blog effectively. It’s an awesome marketing tool and can really take your business to the next level!

Why is Blogging Good For Google Rankings?

Blogging traditionally has been the domain of travel and food writers. Businesses never really thought much of blogging, up until now. If you want to get you website and the pages within your site ranking, then you have to blog. There is no other way. So this is the free tip for you: start a blog on your website and blog like crazy.

The main reason why blogging is key to the success of your SEO is due to the fact that Google will reward websites that change, evolve and are updates with new content.

The very best way to update content is via a blogging platform. New content on your blog will get indexed and in turn drive traffic through to your website. Simple as that.

So next time you are working on your website, make sure that your development team includes a blog.

There are some interesting articles about corporate blogging tips that you might find interesting once you have your blog in place.

Blogging can become quite addictive, but if this is the case, it will only benefit your business.

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