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Content marketing has suddenly become very fashionable. Everyone seems to be talking about it and a lot of traditional web companies are now offering web copywriting as an additional part of their service. You have to ask yourself why is this suddenly in vogue and why is there such a huge focus on content marketing? There are many explanations but probably the most important and relevant answer would be in the way Google now looks at rankings. What I mean by this is that Google prefers content over back links and this has given rise to a whole new approach to search engine optimisation or SEO. In short, companies now need fresh, new, relevant web content in order to get their any kind of ranking or appearance on Google.

Lets go back two years and look at what was needed to get your website ranked on the first page of Google. It was all about back linking strategies and companies paid a fortune to have their linking profiles handled by SEO companies. This was all the rage and worked really well until Google pulled the pin on this and started to penalise this type of practice. Instead, they rewarded businesses that had a content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is Easy

Content marketing is simple, but there are a couple of golden rules that you must adhere to such as; the content must be unique, it must be highly relevant and engaging. If you have these areas covered then you should be able to get your web page ranked. Well worded content on your website or blog is the best way to rank.
If you want, you can apply this technique to all your content throughout your website and blog. The more that you write on individual separate topics, the more you will be perceived as an authority on the subject and in turn the higher your rankings.

Its a great marketing tool and if you write regularly you will see the immediate benefits.

Top Hints for Content Marketing.

1) There is really no short cut to this. What you need to do is write content yourself or contract out the services of a professional copy writer. If you are a novice I highly recommend a copywriter – if you don't know anyone then we have our own team of blog and web copy people here at Hopping Mad Designs.

2) Look for topics that are related to your line of work and write blog articles on each topic. They can be as varied as you like within the topic, but be certain to try and keep the content within each article unique. I find that a good way to keep the content original is to write 2 or 3 pieces for myself and then get a copywriter to contribute 1 article per month. This mixes the styles up a bit and makes again, for a better read.

3) Get a client to write an article about their business and publish on your blog as a guest piece. This not only makes your client feel a apart of your business but also benefits you with new interesting blog content written from a totally new angle. Get them to write about their business or experiences in the business world.

4) If you are writing for the search engines and wanting your article to rank don’t be under the illusion that stuffing the content with keywords will help you in anyway. In fact, it will probably go against you when Google doesn’t rank the article and it will just bore the pants of the readers who will are likely to exit your site. Write content as if you are speaking naturally. Never write for the search engines, make the dialogue seem natural and never try to fool the system.

5) Be alert for content writing scams. There are a lot of online businesses out there promising that they will be able to write your unique content for $1 per article. These companies should be avoided at all costs. What they are doing is scraping content of other websites and reselling these. Essentially you end up with duplicated content that has gone around the net and is in no way unique to your business.

6) I have seen clients that think that they can write 100 word articles and think that this will be enough to get them ranked. Having this approach is a waste of time and effort. If you are serious about content marketing then you have to have a articles of around 1500 words. You will find that once you start the writing process and you are in the groove, you should get to your target very quickly.

7) If you are wanting to engage the services of a web copywriter be sure that you are using a credible team that has experience in content marketing. Again, there are many content creators to be found online, so make sure you do your due diligence before taking anyone on board. Check references and read some of their past work.

8) People are so bombarded with information and content that they need to be literally blown away with what they read. It has to be informative, easy to read and attention grabbing. If you are going to post your content on social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook then make sure that what you write will not come back to haunt you later on.  If your content lacks substance, is offensive, badly written, the effect will be to turn people off and this can have a negative effect on your business or brand.

Why use Hopping Mad Designs for Your Content Marketing Campaigns?

1) We are the content marketing experts. We have a team of in house copy writers that understand the online environment.

2) Social Media Gurus. Social media is a great new marketing platform and a great way to engage with a whole new customer base. Having intelligent, targeted content that is aimed specifically for a promotion or to highlight a new product or brand is the best way to reach out to this audience. Hopping Mad knows social media and knows what it takes to get a reaction from people on these social networks.

3) We are fast to respond to any new content marketing campaign you may have and you will find that we do offer a surprisingly affordable service. We can save you heaps of money, time and get your business looking and sounding so much more professional than you thought possible.

4) Our content team are able to look at your business or company from a different perspective and deliver catchy content solutions that you may never have thought of.

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