What’s the difference between adaptive, responsive web design?

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There can be confusion between adaptive and responsive web design – the following should sort this all out.

Responsive web design is where your website responds to the screen size you are viewing the website on. The best way to achieve this responsive web design is to adjust the size of on page graphic elements to fit the screen size comfortably. The best way for the online user to view the way the response works is by adjusting your widow size on your desktop – it’s amazing to watch it happen!

Adaptive web design is a very cool web process where you adjust the website interface to suit the viewer's capabilities.  It is similar to responsive web design BUT the main difference is that the websites adapts to different web user requirements which will be based on different device ( hand held, tablet) capabilities.

Elements with adaptive web design can be resized, switched around, removed and in some extreme cases have a home page interface with an entirely new look and style.

Responsive and adaptive web sites are very fashionable at the moment – in fact, they are becoming ‘must have’ items for most companies with a web presence. For more information call the team here at Hopping Mad Designs.

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