Why do all businesses need professional logo design?

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Why should businesses need to contract a professional design firm for their graphic design and logo design services and not do it themselves or get a relative, best friend or do it themselves? Technologies and software make it so much easier for the small business owner or marketing professional to save money and design their own logo. But, somehow the end result in most cases just doesn’t look professional or polished. That is why, if you are serious about the image your business presents to the public, you need your logo designed by a professional graphic design company

The way that the public perceives your business is the first step to brand recognition. If you are unable to get your head around this fact and understand the power that your branding and graphic design material has, then you may pay the hefty price for this in the future.

If you are contemplating launching your business with a poor looking and substandard looking logo you will be looked upon as a company that supplies low-quality products or services.

Having a great looking logo is just so important from an overall design perspective. Cutting corners, saving money and doing it on the cheap will only cheapen your brand and image. Simple as that.

Doing it right from the start will get your business off on the right footing and employing the services of a professional logo design company is really the way to go.

Establishing your brand, logo and identity, will form the very solid foundations from which your business can grow.

Why should I use a team of professional graphic designers?

Graphic designers, especially those designers in Sydney are skilled professionals who have spent 3-4 years at college or university learning that art of creativity, so that they may then apply this to your business. Each designer, when taking a design brief, follows some basic steps in order to

Every design job follows certain stages in order to produce the best possible artwork for your business. At Hopping Mad Designs we take the following important steps very seriously:

We ask the right questions

All graphic designers must know the right questions to ask about your business. How else are they going to design a logo for you that you are going to absolutely love? Sure, we can go off on our own tangent and design something that we may like, but if you are not 100% happy then our job is not done. Hence, the need to ask intelligent, factual questions at the briefing stage.

We do the research.

Knowing about your industry, the competition and the logos that are prominent in your area is a fundamental step in the design process. We need to know who has the most recognisable logos as well as the most common. Depending on the nature of the industry, it is a good idea to design a logo that is completely different to what is expected.

Logo Design Ideas

We will present some various design options, colour combinations, fonts and typestyles. You are employing us to be as creative as possible, so we will come up with design styles that closely reflect your initial brief as well as a few ‘curve balls’ that push the design boundaries. It’s all about getting those creative waves happening and allowing us the freedom to work our design magic. If the client is a little bit open-minded, then that’s even better.

How Does Your Stationery Look?

Once we have the logo approved we can then look at mocking up all your internal and external communication especially stationery. Think about your business cards and the statement they make about you. Are they a relic of the past? If so, as graphic designers we can take a good look at all your stationery; business cards, letterheads, email signatures etc and come up with new fresh design options that are sure to boost your image.

Let’s have a look at your online profile.

Graphic designers are just not limited to the print world alone. They are able to look at all your online graphics ensuring that everything you publish online has that professional design edge to it. This includes your website, blog, newsletters, branding and social media. Most graphic companies are comfortable with designing for the digital environment. The great advantage for the business owner is that everything is produced by one studio.

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Hopping Mad Designs would be more than happy to look at your logo, make design suggestions and come up with a whole suite of graphic design solutions that will work wonders for your business.

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