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Starting a company blog is an awesome idea. It’s a great way to get heard and communicate with a wider audience in real time. But the problem is, what does one include in a company blog? If you have written for a corporate blog before then this should be an easy task, but if you have never blogged in the past, then this could prove quite a challenge. But, corporate blogging doesn’t have to be hard. Over time, and with practice, you will find the whole blogging process becomes natural, even enjoyable.

Company or corporate blogging is not new. It has been around for many years and whilst some companies are great at writing articles and blog pieces, others find this task quite an issue. They have not quite got their head around the whole concept of blogging and how it can benefit their business.

Following are some general rules as to what your company should include in a blog. Remember, a blog needs to be interesting an informative. You want people to return time and time again and these simple rules should point you in the right direction.

Know what you are blogging for

What is the main purpose of your blog. Will it be used to attract a following, is the purpose to dominate your industries landscape online and block the competition, or is it just to get more of your companies message out there; almost like a live news feed.

Working out the intention of the company blog will set the tone and style of the blog, but it is vital that you stick to the type of blog you have created.

Give your blog personality

A company blog is all about connecting your company brand with a new online audience. If they have found their way to your blog, they need to be informed. Perhaps get different people within the company to be responsible for 1 blog per month. This varies the blog tone and injects varied personalities into these blogs.

An authorship at the end of each comporate blog will give the reader ownership of their blog and they may even find that they get a loyal readership. This is not unheard of and its an awesome way to promote your companies message.

Sharing is the key to online blog success
Let your blog posts be shared via easy to see social media links on your blog. The more they are shared the greater the reach. Interesting company blogs with attention grabbing headlines make for viral blog posts. Perhaps you might feel that your blogs are a bit dry to be shared and go viral, but never underestimate the power of the internet. It is amazing what can happen if you write a blog that is aimed at your audience. Honest, well written content will do wonders for your website traffic and user blog readership.

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