What kind of web traffic converts the best?

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Recently, after working on a clients website we conducted an analysis of what type of traffic converted at the highest rate, and following are some very interesting results.

1. Direct Traffic from Clients

Direct traffic usually means people are typing in your name into Google and going straight to your site. This is done for sites that are really well known and trusted. Our analytics shows that direct traffic has more of a higher conversion rate than any other traffic source. On top of this, users were staying on the site longer and going through less pages. Basically, they were there for one thing; to make a purchase. What a great place to be in! 


2. Have your Checked your Email Signature?

This was a massive shock. People will go from the emails you send them to your website. So, have a look at your email signature and make sure that it has your web address and social media icons. If you are like me and emailing all the time, then this is a powerful tool to funnel potential customers to your website.


3. Paid search (PPC)

No surprises here. Targeted paid advertising on Google, although frightfully expensive, WILL convert into sales. Like direct traffic, users are searching for something specifically and adwords will generate leads and hopefully future sales.


 4. Organic SEO

Organic SEO is in my opinion a MUST when it comes to your online marketing. However, it is sitting lower on the converter list due to the fact that your page might come up for non specific searches. To avoid this make sure that your targeted main landing pages are correctly optimised for the search engines; title tags, descriptions, content and website URL’s, must all line up properly if this is going to be a conversion winner. Make sure the web company you work with has a conversion rate optimisation strategy in place so that you can take full advantage of your SEO.

 Search will sit around the 4th biggest converter of traffic. Make sure your pages are properly tagged up including meta titles and descriptions. It is also a good idea to put price points (if they are competitive) in the page title to encourage a click through.


5. Customer Referral

Hard to believe but conversion from referrals is quite low. Perhaps they are expecting a better deal than you can offer because they have been referred by a client or friend. The trick here is to get as many referrals as you can.


 6. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising and remarketing does not convert well. Ads popping up when you are on other websites, I find annoying. There are much better ways to spend your money if you are looking at conversion.  Plus users are becoming immune to these types of ads and are basically ignoring them. They may click on it out of curiosity, but this is NOT a good way to drive sales.


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