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Small businesses often find the concept of content marketing very difficult. It’s a relatively new area and small business in Sydney and around Australia are just getting on board with this new marketing strategy.

Recent statistics show that many small businesses are using their blog as the perfect medium for content marketing. They are now getting their heads around the fact that blogs are easy to use and an inexpensive marketing tool.

Many small businesses are often lacking in time, money and resources for content marketing, but a recent survey has found that more and more small businesses are employing content creators and content marketing firms to handle this side of the business. They are more likely to be more proactive and hands on with this and social media than larger organisations.

The survey results shows us that 72% of small B2B businesses had a dedicated person in charge of the content marketing and content strategy as opposed to 54% of larger B2B businesses.

What Is The Main Challenge Facing Small Business in Content Marketing?

The biggest challenge facing many small businesses in Sydney and Australia is having a small budget for this. This is because it is a new marketing stream and simply put small business has never accounted for this. Mention content marketing to a business 2 years ago and they do not know what it means. Mention it today and there is a clear budget put aside for this.

Small business will spend on average 22% on their content marketing, whilst only 8% is spent by large business. Im sure that over the coming years things will shift towards bigger business spending more on their content strategy.

Larger businesses will have more time and resources to work with, but small businesses are doing more and investing more resources into their content marketing. The reason for this ( based on a survey conducted by the Aust. Bureau of Statistics) is that this for of marketing, is very affordable and very quick to implement. Plus the results are almost immediate. Larger companies with bigger budgets will invest in other marketing mediums that they are used to and that have proved effective in the past. Again, time will tell if there will be a shift to this new and easier marketing platform.

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