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No matter if you have a website, or are contemplating getting a new website designed, there are many really important components that your new web site should have. If any of these are unclear, please give me a call and I will be more than happy to go through these items with you in greater detail.

  1. Make sure that the navigation and site layout is simple and very intuitive. That is, it’s really easy to use and get around.
  2. Be certain to have the navigation at the top of your website so that users can navigate their way around in a simple manner.
  3. Keep images down to a minimum and ensure that all pages are uncluttered and an easy read.
  4. A good point to note here is font size. Make it legible and keep spacing between paragraphs.
  5. Bullet points are a great way to make pages easy to read.
  6. Having links site wide within you content allow the user the ability to jump between pages easily.
  7. Are your Images Appealing? Use images that reflect your business. Avoid cheesy, cheap istock images that have nothing to do with your company. Those boardroom photos with people handshaking used to be the rage 10 years ago, but now will only harm your website.
  8. Is there any flash on your website? If so, kill it. Flash animation or images that are moving on your site are a killer for search engine rankings and need to be either replaced with a much friendlier java script completely deleted. Flash may look cool, but will be invisible on iphones and ipads.
  9. Can visitors get in touch with you? Don’t make it hard for people to contact you. Highly visible contact fields should be on each page as well as on the navigation menu.
  10. Give visitors the option to call or online chat with you. Another good idea is to have a contact form similar to the one on the hopping mad site.
  11. Make sure that the site is: visible on most web browsers including; safari, firefox, chrome and internet explorer.
  12. Make certain that the site is mobile friendly and is responsive to all screen sizes. This is a new technology and should be taken up with your web developer.
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