Pinterest an e-commerce social media must-have!

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If you have an e-commerce website, then Pinterest ( a relatively new social media platform) is a must to promote your products. It’s simple to use, easy to sign up with and is growing in popularity daily. What was just a social media site to post cool photos has now become the ‘go to ‘ place for posting all types of images, products and websites. If you are looking at generating extra site traffic then Pinterest is a great place to start.

Some Pinterest Tips for Your Ecommerce Website.

1) If you're always creating and adding pins about your products, remember to put a  price with these pins. Prices with products are generating well over 40% more traffic and views according to the latest statistics.

2) Can you believe this, the average purchase from Pinterest was $90, which is triple the order from Facebook.

3) Because web users go to Pinterest for specific purpose or to look at creative items, it now outranks other sites when it comes to people making a sale; this includes the giant Amazon. So what are you waiting for?

4) Make sure you Tweet your Pins on Twitter.

Don’t be afraid of this new social media marketing platform. You might be rolling your eyes and thinking that Pinterest is just another social media craze that I have to learn, but in this day and age, either you embrace these social platforms or you will be left behind.

Believe me, once you start pinning on Pinterest, you will find that you can’t stop.

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