What’s the difference between a and a .com domain?

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If you have your domain name but are not sure whether to get the .com or domain, then here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction. Making the right domain name decision now can prove vital in the online success or failure of your website.

What is a Domain Name?

Simply put, a domain name identifies your business as an Australian business.
Countries all over the world have their own domain name endings, for example, the USA domain names end with a .com.

How Does a affect Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines will filter and rank results that are country specific. So for example, if you have a web design business and are based in Australia, then Google will prioritise results for website design companies with a ending. If you business has a .com ending and you are in Australia then your online rankings are going to be below the results.

Rule # 1 = If you are an Australian company trading in Australia only, then buy a domain.

Google wants the user to experience the most appropriate search results based on a geo specific location. That is why, if you are an Australian company looking to rank highly, then you must buy a domain name that ends with a
If however, your business has an international market, then it is advisable to get a .com ending on your domain. Having a .com ending will identify your business as a global trader.

Can I have a and a .com Domain Name?

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have both domain name endings and have them pointing to 1 URL. Purchasing both URL’s are a great way to protect your intellectual property online. But the trick here is not to go to extremes. Buying many domain name endings and pointing them to 1 web address can be perceived as spamming the system and you may end up in trouble with Google.

What Is the Price Differences Between a and .com Address?

The price difference is minimal. We are talking here of only a few dollars so price should not be a determining factor in your decision making process.

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