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In the retail world where you may have a shop front, you can try to increase sales by having a new window display, offering a discount or even working on your good old fashion customer service. In the online world however, this is not so simple. Thinking of ways to generate website traffic can prove difficult, but following are some great ideas to help your improve not only the look of your website, but also turbo charge your site visitors. This in turn, will drive sales, improve the bottom line and grow not only your brand, but your business as well.

1. Have you Discovered How Good Google Tools Are?

Google is your one stop shop for all your web analytics tools, to help you measure many website statistics. Analytics is easy to install and will help you gauge the amount of web traffic you are receiving. Ask your web developer to hook you up with a Google account and once you have analytics code, they can pop it into the site for you.
Google has an absolute stockpile of helpful tools that will allow you to measure and track how well your website is working. Plus it is all for free. It does take some time getting used to it, but once you get the hang of it, there will be no stopping you.
GA or Google Analytics is your first port of call in measuring your website traffic and it is from this point onwards that you can start to make onsite adjustments.

2. Give Your Website a Design Overhaul

Tired looking, out dated websites are a traffic killer. Speak with a web design agency about changing your websites look, by implementing the latest design styles. Ideally, you should be thinking about giving your website a design overhaul every 2 years. This may sound like overkill but having a website that looks slick and modern, will give you the online edge over your competition.

3. Grow your Company Blog

Blogs are a great way to generate website traffic and in turn bring readers through to your website. Think about a blog strategy, where you write 1 to 2 blog articles per week. Well written corporate blogs that generate interest will be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

4. Has Your Company Got a Social Media Presence?

Having a social media presence online is now a ‘must do’ for all companies. Promote your business and bring people through to your website using the many social media platforms that are now so popular. Pick the right platform where your customers are likely to be and start posting comments, articles, videos, webinars and tweets.

5. Start a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaign

This without a doubt is the best way to grow your website traffic. Get a SEO company to search for keywords with the highest search volume that relate to your business and start optimising these. Google is a fickle beast with constant algorithm changes, so expect your results to fluctuate. Attaining and keeping this priority position on the search engine will bring in those customers.


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