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Are you running a busy medical practice and have no time for your internet marketing? Do you find that you have no spare time during the day to market your practice or surgery? If the answer is yes, then stop worrying. We can help. Hopping Mad Designs is a specialist in the marketing of medical practices on the internet

How Can We Help With Your Medical Internet Marketing?

– If you do not have a website or currently have a site that is not converting visitors into patients, then we can design and build you a medical website design that clearly reflects your medical practice. We never template design and offer you a bespoke, customised website design solution that has a professional and obviously a very stylish edge to it. Sure, any company can design a standard, brochure style web page, but at Hopping Mad Designs we make sure that your site has a certain design flair that will set is apart.

– If you are starting out and need to attract business we are able to rank your medical website on Google. Think about this; if you are a doctor that specialises in paediatric health or say palliative care, we are able to rank your website on the search engines when people are looking for this service. This is critical if you are looking to grow you patient list. As medical internet marketing specialists we are able to drive an enormous amount of traffic/visitors through to your new web site and hopefully convert these people into life long customers. You can forget about placing an advert in the Yellow Pages or other print directories. The internet is the place where users come to look for help with any medical condition and if you sited is not found online, then they will simple go to another; practice, doctor, surgery or medical centre. If you are a suburban medical centre or have a practice in the suburbs, we can optimise your site on the search engines so that it displays when people are searching for medical advice or help within a certain area.

– Internet marketing is not a set and forget practice, especially within the medical field. As doctors, you want to be constantly uploading content to your website such as; new doctors employed, updating patients on new medicines or cures, special events, opening hours, adding new services etc etc. This is why we design and develop your website using a very easy to using content management system platform. Once the site is built and online, you will have total control over all aspects of the site, giving you the absolute freedom to add or delete content at your convenience.

– We are able to push your online internet marketing by clearly explaining what the buzz is all about with social media and then discuss ways to implement a social media marketing campaign that will give your online profile a massive boost. As an online marketing platform, I feel that in years to come these social media sites will become as important if not more, than Google.


We appreciate that as medical specialists, people might think that you are made of money. This however, is far from the truth. Like all businesses you are very watchful of money and how much you are spending on your marketing. This is why we are able to tailor package, internet marketing solutions that will fit your budget. If you have a small marketing budget we are able to look at internet strategies that can maximise your ROI and conversely if you have more of a marketing spend then we can come up with more complex internet solutions that cover many different mediums and platforms, ensuring that you have the widest possible online marketing reach.


Most doctors or specialists are extremely time poor, this is why we will clear our schedule to make a time to meet with you. We don’t care if it is after hours, so long as we are able to meet face to face and go over all your potential internet marketing opportunities.

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