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Your business needs social media marketing. Simple as that! Social media companies in Sydney that deliver great results cannot be ignored. While the tools and social media platforms may change (Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs  and more), the very essence of a successful social media campaign is clear: online users connecting, engaging and responding with your brand which result in increasing the social influence for your business. In today’s online environment having a social media campaign is going to increase your market share.

Hopping Mad Designs is an industry leading, innovative Social Media Company in Sydney that is able to help breakdown the myths and secrets shrouded with social media marketing in a way that will benefit your business. We are able to pilot your online social media marketing onto a new level that you never thought possible before the web 2.0 revolution.We are able to take your brand to a whole new and very exciting level by using existing and proven Social Media strategies, that create an enormous ‘social buzz’ around your business.

The emergence of Social media has opened up the channels of communication; you are communicating directly with clients, plus you are allowing them the necessary tools to talk back,to you as well as one another. And all this can happen instantly. This means that there is so much at stake here for your business and we take this very very seriously.

Get more social online

At Hopping Mad Designs we also know that a social media marketing campaign should not only be about building your reputation and brand online. We know that social media engagement is a nice to have but doesn’t pay the bills. This is why all our social media campaigns will be designed to:

1) Generate short to mid-term sales inquiries.
This means that if a campaign is going well we can refine and extend it’s life – conversely if it doesn’t hit the spot then we can reassess the campaign very quickly. Social media is all about being dynamic and adjusting to trends and consumer tastes and influences.

2) Engage existing customers. We never forget about your existing database of clients and customise and design social media campaigns to maintain them as well as promote word of mouth referrals.

3) Increase brand awareness to new customers. We know how to assess, find your target market and develop campaigns for them. We have the staff and experience to tackle any social media demographic, no matter how niche they may be.

4) Inform a larger/wider audience regarding an initiative or new product. We have a very big mouth when it comes to your social media marketing. We are able to spread your companies message online and do it FAST.

5) Breath life back into an existing campaign. We are able to audit your current social media standing and look at ways to invigorate and push it even further and harder online.

Why should your company invest in Social Media?

If you are looking at alternative ways to expand your marketing reach and attract a whole new client base then you seriously need to look at social media. You might be currently investing in traditional forms of marketing ( TV + print + radio) plus you may have a great Google ranking, but there is a whole new area that has literally exploded on the scene. If your business is not looking at ways to expose themselves to this new market then it is going to miss out on some HUGE opportunities.

Moving forward into at least the next 3-4 years all businesses, companies, Government bodies, NFP’s and NGO’s will need to have a social media strategy in place. And Hopping Mad Designs is positioned itself to facilitate this through out office in Sydney.

If you have got something to say and need to spread the message quickly, then social media is for you. Following are just a few more reasons why you should be considering a social media policy:

-You want to tell the public about a new product or service and want immediate feedback;
-If you want to interact with your clients online – start to engage with them;
-You need to send a message or announcement to a certain group;
-You are fed up with alienating your customers;
-You would like to engage and involve staff members more;
-You are unclear about your audience and want to know more about who they really are;
-Someone has damaged your brand and you need to put out the fires – this is known as online reputation management;
-Customers are deserting you and you want to retain them;
-You want to increase your potential sales, website traffic, as well as corporate exposure;

Social media like any good PR campaign can influence and sway opinion as well as perceptions about businesses, people, brands and products. The beauty about it is, that there is not one type of platform, but many. And the numbers keep on growing and expanding.

Here at Hopping Mad Designs, we are experts at adapting particular social media platforms into a cohesive, structured and well planned strategy that you will be able to integrate into your marketing to grow your business, with immediate results. The good news for you is that social media is now accessible by most people, which means that you can start speaking with them now. Waiting will only give your competition the edge in this space.


So how do I find the right social media company in Sydney?

The answer is simple. Look for companies that advertise that they offer a social media service and go and visit their office. For example if you Google the words: ‘ social media marketing strategies in Sydney’, you will find a whole range of companies coming up on the Google search. Pick out a handful and see if they are the right fit. Generally speaking a good social media company will be able to show you:
-their past campaigns
-an ability for reputation management
-possess strong search engine optimisation skills and be able to back this up with solid credible results. This is really an important part!
-a strong team of copy writers who have worked on past social media projects.
-a solid graphic and web design team
-awesome in house programmers and developers.

At Hopping Mad Designs we like to think of ourselves as a extension of your business by encouraging a real and very friendly partnering style relationship. We are not the type of company that offers a template style solution – a one size fits all. We are alternative thinkers that offer creative solutions that are very affordable.

Ready to get social?

If you want real solutions as well as a clearer insight into the workings of social media, and want to deal with an established, reliable and mature company, then please call us on 02 9360 8514.




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