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If you are like most business owners, the last thing you are probably going to want to do is have your website revamped. Your current website is probably a couple of years old, doing it’s job just fine, and bringing in the business. But, like everything, it might be time to have a good hard look at it and give your website a revamp.

Following are some vital signs that your website is looking old and in need of a revamp.

Does your Current Website use flash animation?

This is perhaps the most important sign that your website needs a huge revamp. Flash is no longer read by the search engines and most browsers just don’t like it. It slows download times, cant be read by most hand held devices and is extremely bad for your search engine optimisation. So, if there are any flash banners or animated pages using flash p on your current website, then its a sure sign that it needs a complete overhaul.

You Have Been Ignoring Your Social Media.

People expect to see that your company has some social media presence. Ideally, you should have at least a Facebook page and a LinkedIn or Twitter account. If you do not have these icons on your site, then look to start implementing a social media campaign for your next new website. A great reason for a website revamp!

The User Interface (UX) Looks Dated.

If you have noticed a sharp drop off in inquiries then quite possibly people are coming to your web page and then exiting. This happens all the time to old style, out of date websites and if this is the case then it is time for an urgent upgrade and revamp. Web graphics and websites styles are changing so very quickly that if your site does not look current, then this will reflect very badly foryour online image, and in turn a massive drop in online visitors and traffic.

You Cant Make Changes Yourself.

If you find that your are contacting your web design agency  for the smallest web amend then it is time for a revamp. Reason being, your website has not been built using a content management system and you are tied to your web developer who would have coded the site. Most new websites today are built on a CMS platform, which means that you will be able to make as many changes as you like. This is certainly a great reason for a revamp. At Hopping Mad Designs all our websites that we revamp are built using a WordPress CMS  – its so easy to use and you will love the felxibility it gives you to make site wide changes.

Where are all the Call to Action Buttons?

Users need to be guided through the web process. Older, more traditional websites had a very basic navigation structure, and relied on users going to the contact us page to make an inquiry. If you can see this on your site, then it is time to make the call to your web design company and ask urgently for a revamp. Ask for highlighted call to action buttons on all pages throughout the site.

You Should Put a Blog on your Website.

Having a blog is now common practice and is a great way to communicate with your client base – without a blog your website looks very dated – another good reason for a revamp or even a small overhaul. Haveing a blog allows for content marketing, which is now a great online marketing tool, that should be used frequently. At Hopping Mad Designs we constantly blog and the results are absolutely fantastic!

Are all the Staff Members Current?

If staff profile photos have never been changed then it is a sign that you have not updated your site. Get professional images of you and your staff taken and then look at getting your website revamped.

How is Your SEO Going?

If your online rankings have dropped because you are not able to access your site due to a lack of a CMS then it is time to turn things around. On top of this, a new refreshed website will be looked positively upon by Google and you should see your rankings start to climb. One point to note as well is your web content. This will definitely need a complete refresh as your services, goods or products will have most likely changed over the years.

Is your Web site Mobile Phone and Tablet Friendly?

With growing mobile phone usage increasing yearly, your website must be 100% responsive and be viewable on all mobiles, smartphones and ipads. If not, you are going to miss out on a huge market share. This is a massive sign that your website is in need of an urgent revamp!

Has your Corporate Identity or Brand Changed?

If you have changed your corporate image or company identity, then your website needs to reflect this. Branding must be 100% consistent across all your communication, especially your website. Your website needs to include your new styling, colours and content throughout every page. If you are looking at your site now, and can see that it still has the old logo, then this is a good clue that it’s revamp time.

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