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The online world has made it that much easier to sell your products via an Magento Ecommerce website shopping cart platform. Hopping Mad Designs is able to provide your business with a Magento ecommerce solution which is packed with extra features, which allows you, the merchant the necessary control and flexibility to easily and efficiently manage the look and feel of the site, whilst also managing the sites content. This means that once Hopping Mad has designed you a new Magento website, you will be free to add or delete as much content as you like, when ever you like. On top of this, you are not stuck with a rigid, locked in, pay per month contract, that ties you into a web firm, which is often the case with other ecommerce solutions.

Magento will facilitate the establishment of an e-business environment that will allow you simple easy to use products as well as catalogue browser options, an array of customer management tools, and top of the line analytics.

Which is great for measuring web statistics, a whole lot of vital reporting, sales and marketing features, the list goes on and on.

Wikipedia defines Magento as an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Obviously, if you get a website designed by Hopping Mad with a Magento Shopping Cart, we will train you in all the features as well as be on call if you have any issues or problems in uploading data.

So if you are thinking about getting online and having your own web business shopping cart then you should really consider Magento as your preferred option. Combine this with customised web graphics and you will be well on the way to looking the part online and having a successful online retail business.

Advantages of Magento CMS

It really gives you the freedom to maintain and have total control of every component within your store, including sales, merchandising right through to particular promotions. Think about all those important days throughout the year that you could market to. Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Australia Day. Each and every holiday on the calendar can be marketed to. Again, you might want to consider using a team of expert graphic designers like us at HMD to create these cool web tiles for you to put into the site.

This can often be as simple as a 20-minute design exercise. Just imaging how current your site could be and how appealing this would be to all those looking for gifts or products for that special event. No longer will your site remain static, out of date and tired looking. Refreshing your graphics and content regularly will keep users interested, customers up to speed on your latest offerings and on top of this the search engines will pick this up and index your site on a more regular basis.

The Magento platform is ultra SEO friendly. All features within the back end allow ease of change of titles, tags and content. This in turn will allow you to update products, create super search engine friendly pages and then sell as many products online as you can. Clearly, you will need help in setting this up and that is where we can also help you. Don’t for one minute think that you can open an eCommerce web store and have immediate success. If you do, then you will fail. I was a business owner of a web studio have seen this time and time again. People come in and after reading a few success stories about companies ‘riding the internet boom’, think that they can also do this because they have a few cool products to sell. Online retail requires a lot of hard work, effort, and above all patience and a realistic understanding of what is achievable online. If the eCommerce process is well thought out and you spend the time discussing ( with me) what is achievable, then you are taking the right steps and putting yourself in the best position to succeed online.

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Magento is so diverse that it offers 3 separate versions, depending on your business needs and goals and obviously budget.

Magento Community: Not really for the business owner but more for the person who users the online environment as a hobby or for entertainment.
Magento Enterprise: This is the most popular version and it is used and implemented world side by small to medium-sized businesses. This is really our preference and the one we ten to use mostly Magento Enterprise Premium: If you have the budget and want to really have a robust platform, then this is the one used by large businesses and organisations who are after all the bells n whistles that an eCommerce platform could offer.

Magento works closely with Google’s third-party ad-ons meaning that your Magento eCommerce store will already have some very cool features such and integrated with Google Analytics, as well as Google Checkout. What this means for any eCommerce website owner, is that you will be able to track the number of site visits and conversions. You can then use this important data to adjust and readjust your product offering until it is at its optimum.

The Magento CMS eCommerce platform supports the usual payment operating systems such as the very popular and most commonly used system, Paypal as well as other known gateways such as Eway. We will hold your hand through this process and show you what you need to do in relation to the banks to get the website off the ground.

Why not sell your products internationally as well? Don’t just limit yourself to Australia. Think about other markets such as China, the USA as well as Singapore. If you are looking at offshore options as well then the Magento platform has live currency update feeds that allow you to sell your product based on the actual, current exchange rate. Don’t ever lose money again with currency fluctuations. Magento will ensure this does not happen.

If you have a really special product that you know will be a winner, then allow customers to write product reviews. People trust reviews way more than testimonials and Magento gives users the opportunity to air their opinions about the product. New visitors to your site will read these very good reviews and be more than likely to purchase a product based on what they read. A review that is not fabricated or thought up by a web owner has much more punch and clout than an obvious testimonial. If, on the other hand, the review is not that good, then you can always delete it.

Once professionally designed, your eCommerce store will allow for a variety of add-ons including a very unique and cool feature such as zoomable images. If you have never seen this, you must try to check it out as it is an awesome selling tool. Basically, it allows you to cursor over the product and the area in focus will be magnified by about 3 times. This is great for products you are selling that is rich in features or details; think fashion or engineering products as an example.

It is very mobile friendly. Once the system has been implemented it can be viewed across a range of browsers and platforms including Ipads, iPhones, androids and other handheld devices. Clearly, you are going to start thinking about responsive web design with the Magento package; where a site can expand or contract neatly based on the screen size. This is rather new and will become more popular as time moves on. Basically, it is one website size fits all. Best at this stage to give us a call on 02 9360 8514 to discuss this particular point.

A good goal to keep in mind before you start on your road to becoming an eCommerce success is to do things in stages. Start by firstly choosing the best web designer you can find and then look at getting a website that is fully customised and a site that stands out and looks not only different but appealing. Make very certain that your web guys have a clear knowledge of the user interface and are able to guide users right through the site to the final buying process/check out. Never ever settle for any old cheap web company but look for that special something in them that will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are with a team that will work extremely hard for you. Following on from this look carefully at working with them on your online marketing campaigns and strategies to ensure that you will be driving a decent amount of traffic through to your new web address. And lastly, look at other new technologies to push your name out there including but not limited to some social media areas and mobile phone platforms.

If all this sounds quite difficult, and a bit over the top then you are absolutely right. Online millionaires do not just happen. They seek the right advice and deal with web and SEO experts that can guide them through the internet cemetery which is littered with online businesses that have gone bust, purely because they did not get the right advice or chose to take a cheap and budget style approach to their Magento e-commerce business. Saying that getting online and following a few simple successful rules is not that expensive or hard to do.

Many of the best website owners do this and all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call here at Hopping Mad Designs and we can show you the pathway to your booming Magento eCommerce online shopfront.

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