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Since 1998, Hopping Mad Designs has been designing and building websites for universities , educational institutions, colleges and schools in Sydney and throughout Australia. Hopping Mad brings cutting-edge custom website design and development capabilities to the fore in fulfilling the requirements of universities and educational institutions on-line and digital needs.

July 10 2012



( 1 ) The website must appeal to its primary audience; students. If you are wanting to engage with this audience on their level then the web site must have a young, contemporary style.

You want them to arrive on the home page and immediately be engaged with the content and visuals.  No matter the size of your institution, whether part of a large university or a small school or college, its worth the investment to get a website designed that works for your target audience.


( 2 ) Strong, creative visual imagery that clearly reflects the nature and personality of your insitiution. Avoid over use of stock imagery – relevant, real life photos will make a massive difference to the user experience.


( 3 ) Clear navigation pathways that easily guide students and teachers around the site. Hot buttons on the home page are a great way to grab the users attention.


( 4 ) User Friendly Content Management Systems that allow for university, college, TAFE staff to get into the back-end of the website and make as amny vahnges as they like IN REAL TIME. Ideally, an open source CMS platform like WORDPRESS should be used as this means that you are not locked into using one web company – it allows flixibilty, which is very important in today's digital environment.


( 5 ) Mobile Phone Friendly Websites for Universities, Colleges & Schools. Your new website should be RESPONSIVE, allowing it to be viewed easily on all hand held devices. Students on the go, will expect this from your institution, so make sure you get your web designer to implement this function.


( 6 ) Can Your University Website Be Found On Google? Students looking for information about courses, enrolments will need to find your website easily and this is why it is imperative that an SEO or search engine strategy is mapped out and planned for the begiining of your web project.


( 7 ) Web Content That Works. It is worth the exercise to get a professional copy writer to look at your website content. Writing for the web is totally different to anything else and this is why a web content expert can make a huge difference to the success of your website and online profile.


( 8 ) Social Media Marketing. This cannot be ignored! Universities and all educational institutions MUST embrace at least the basic social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Popular universites, colleges and TAFE's can easily get a massive following, so it's wise from a marketing perspective to utilise and benefit form this.




Dynamic Websites

Most University and School web pages have their very own style and personality. Our in-house technology has been developed to be flexible enough to create real value for all of our clients, even those with very detailed and specific briefs. Our website developers are constantly improving and updating our web technologies to ensure it remain browser compatible, PLUS other add-ons which mean your site will never be left behind.


Budget Friendly

Customised web design and development can be expensive. As a Sydney based web design company with years of experience, we are able to strategise and deploy your website quicker and much more cost effectively than most other website studios. Hopping Mad you will outline a detailed proposal and fixed quotation which will be delivered to you on budget and on time.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is crucial to increase a universities online presence. Our WordPress platform is built upon a CMS designed to provide the on-page components that adhere to Google’s guidelines for best practices. WE WILL BE ABLE TO RANK YOU EASILY!


Australian Owned Company That is Already on Federal Government Design Panel’s.

Hopping Mad is 100% Australian owned with our University + School platforms being developed with Australian institutions in mind. All our work is carried out in our Sydney studio. We never out source our development work and we pride ourselves on delivering online web solutions that have met stringent Australian Government standards.

Secure and Reliable

Since 1998 we have been in the web industry – YES – we have been here that long – so we are a safe and reliable bet when it comes to trusting us with your website.

If you would like to know more about how Hopping Mad Designs can design and develop your university, college or education website >> CALL us on 02 9360 8514.

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