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If you have a website that is not working as you would like it to and if it is not generating the kind of interest and sales you were expecting, then you need to have a serious look at the things going wrong with your website and ways to fix them. At Hopping Mad Designs we specialise in not only creating websites that look great but we put thought into how your website can be the web profit generating machine you always wanted.

Your Website Needs To:

Your website is really your most important marketing tool. Like a shop front for retailers it is the place that all your customer sand clients are going to visit to check you out, find out more about your business and perhaps even buy from the site. It’s for this reason that your websites main landing pages need to look as good at it possible can so that site generated traffic will hang around long enough to buy from you. That is these people need to be converted from a casual browser into a client. Essentially all pages on your website needed to be constantly selling. The home page is no longer the main selling page of the site. All pages, each and every one of them needs to be selling hard – 24/7!


This is why for your website to succeed you need to have the combination of great looks and a clear defined strategy.


Your web strategy should be high-performance design

All websites we design at Hopping Mad Designs are carefully designed to get the best possible response from the user – that is someone looking at your website.

Where we place icons, navigation and buttons throughout the site has been carefully thought out so users experience is maximised. We just don’t place graphics randomly hoping that it will work. We take this part of the web process extremely seriously because if we don’t your competition will. This is what is now needed to succeed online.

Small minor tweaks and placements, might seem insignificant to you, but overall this could improve site conversions and reduce bounce rates. I have actually made 1 small amend to a clients site and we found that this helped his sales jump by about 60% – we work on ensuring your website is a high performance marketing tool.

Does Your Website Have Tracking & Analytics?

Hopping Mad will build your website so that we are able to track and manage your analytics from the moment it is launched. Our aim in doing this is to accurately measure and analyse your sites performance. In doing this, we can make small improvements to each page and in turn improve overall conversions. Being able to work with a web or graphic design team that understands and knows about these techniques is going to make a huge improvement in your online success. Trusting this to amateurs can and will result is nasty is not disastrous outcomes for your business.


Call To Action Buttons are Winners!


How you design a call-to-action, to the way it is placed on your landing page, even the colours you choose and the wording will have an impact and could mean the difference between getting or loosing the sale.

Buttons with Call to Actions like:’ Order your Free Book Now’ or ‘ Free Delivery Australia wide’ are going to really grab the users eye – at Hopping mad Designs we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the design and placement of these call to actions.

An interesting point to note is that: a well designed and worded call-to-action will receive 21 times more hits than a poorly designed one. Think about this when you look at your website!

Killer Web Copy Is A MUST.


The copy or content which is used throughout your website, even each individual landing page  is going to affect the way in which people respond to the site. If they like what they read, well then they are probably gong to buy from you. If they think your content is rubbish, then expect them to leave the site. Think of it like a retail shop. If a customer walks in and the place is a mess with rude staff, they are going to run away. The same philosophy and principles apply here.


Is your current website converting as many customers as it could?


Most web companies will look at 2 things when working on your site – cost and functionality.

At hopping Mad Designs we don’t work that way – all our sites are designed and developed with user experience (UX) and consumer conversions in mind. We want your site to influence buyers decisions and keep them coming back for more. It’s a collaboration between us and you that does not end once the site is deployed – it’s a process of evolution. Working out what is working and fine tuning the site till it is that high performance engine is what we do best.

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