I Hate My CMS What Can I Do?

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If you can’t make changes to your CMS or find it too out dated and difficult to use then you probable hate your CMS. Your website was probably built a few years ago and you have suffered and endured using your CMS, but realise its now time for a change. At Hopping Mad Designs we specialise in helping businesses change their CMS platforms and migrate them over to the better, much easier to use WordPress content management system.

There are many reasons why a person would have a CMS and my pet favourite( as I hear this al the time) is the prices people have to pay just for the rights to use the CMS. Many web companies like to charge a monthly fee for the CMS. A total rip off yet people still pay for it, but it is one major reason why businesses hate their CMS. The monthly fee may be small but it all adds up and basically you are paying for nothing. A great reason to look for another CMS platform.


Another reason is access. Some CMS platforms will grant only limited access and deny you full access to your website. This is restricting and will limit the amends that you will be able to make to the website. If you feel that you do not have full site wide control then your CMS needs to be changed and you are obviously being held to ransom by your web provider. If this is the case don’t worry – give us a call here at Hopping Mad Designs 02 9360 8514 and we can fix things up quickly and easily.


What happens if you are using a custom made CMS by your website designer and they suddenly go out of business or you are unable to contact them. This is quite common and if this happens to you then basically you are stuck with a website that has a CMS that no one else can use. Again, don’t stress too much. We can transfer over all the artwork files to a new WordPress CMS in a couple of days. Simple solution that will solve a lot of problems.


Never be afraid to let your web developer know your thoughts about the CMS system. There is always a solution and if they get childish over your requests, simply move to another platform. You don’t have to settle for an average CMS solution when there are just so many much better alternatives available.

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