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In the retail shop environment, you build your shop to last for years. Saying that, even retail outlets in large shopping centres such as Westfield are required to update their windows and interiors regularly. The same goes for the online world. You have to be constantly changing and evolving your website if you are to succeed in this highly competitive and very saturated environment. This includes, changing content, looking at updating images, functionality and revamping the look/style of the site. But how do you know if it is the right time to give your website a refresh. The following points will let you know this.

High Traffic – Low Sales.

You are getting the visitors to your website but this is not translating to sales. People are going to your site but they seem to be exiting the site before making a purchase or inquiry. You can tell this by studying your Google Analytics. This will tell you how many site visitors you are getting, how long they are staying on the site.

Boring + Uninspiring Web Copy

Well-written website content can can act as your best sales person. I tell my clients all the time that one of the most important components of your website is the copy. If it has been written by a copywriter then it is going to work. But, if it is dotted with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, boring business speak/cliches, then it will fall flat. Remember that to succeed online, you need to capture peoples attention quickly. Only a copy writer can do this for you. How else are you going to position your business in the best possible light?

Far Too Many Customer Complaints

Here are some classic signs that your website needs a refresh if you are hearing complaints like this from your customers:
– your website takes ages to load and when it does I can’t view it properly
– I didn’t recognise your business – your logo has changed and it is not on your website
– I couldn’t find the checkout area for the site – I added the products to the cart but I can’t buy them.
– Your phone numbers and address are wrong
– Do you still offer that service/product – I was under the impression that you no longer offered that.
– I tried contacting that staff ember who I saw on your website but they no longer work for you.
– It took me ages to find your site – it wasn’t on Google.
– Your website froze 2 or 3 times each time I tried to access it.

If you hear any of the above points mentioned then this is a huge warning sign. Perhaps make a list of these errors or complaints that you get over time and give them to your web developer, who can them go about making these necessary web changes.

You Cannot Use Your Content Management System.

Refreshing your website and updating it with new information, products or content is what your customers want. If you cannot do this through your CMS then you MUST look at changing your CMS platform. We recommend using a WordPress content management system for your website refresh.

Getting Ripped Off By Your Web Company

You are locked into web contracts that require you to pay expensive monthly fees for ‘ who knows what’. You have been paying it for that long that you actually can’t remember what it is for. If this is happening to you – then it’s time for a complete website change.

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