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If you want a great way to attract and engage a reader’s attention, then including an infographic is probably the best way to achieve this. One important point to note is that they must be designed in a way that is relevant and communicates your message effectively. Below are a few important tips to follow when creating and designing an Infographic.

 _662_ your readers well

Make certain that you are able to target your client base with a well designed Infographic. Understanding this target audience and designing specifically for them is the best way forward. If for example, you are designing a complex infographic to explain a real estate transaction, make sure that the graphics designed speak clearly to this market. No point designing something that people just don’t get.

Make Sure The Message and Content is Clear

The graphics must match the content and message – once you have worked out the intent of the inforgraphic, stay on this path and do not deviate. It will only confuse your readers.

Statistics Do Matter

If you have something important to say, back it up with proven and measurable statistics from reputable sources. Better still, go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for a wealth of information – make sure that these are always referenced.

Remove Jargon and Over Worded Sentences

People want to get the information, make their decision/judgement and move on. Keep things simple within the infographic, especially complicated messages. These can be broken down through the effective creation on imagery – after all this is the whole point of the infographic. If you need help with the copy perhaps get a copy writer on board to assist in short, sharp sentences.

Storyboard it First

Use storyboards to create a hierarchy of the message and then implement the graphics only when you are totally happy with the process flows.

Does Your Market Understand It?

Show it to a few intended people before publishing it. If they get it and like it then go for it – if there are any points that need refining then this is the perfect time.

Where Can Infographics Go?

The application is limitless – basically anything print based or on the web.

At Hopping Mad Designs we have designed Infographics for businesses as well as Government Departments. In fact, the demand for this type of servcie is increasing.


If you want to get you message out there in a quick and very easy to understand way then call us on  02 9360 8514 and we can discuss how we can design up an infographic for your business.

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