Most Businesses are asking for WordPress for their Website Design

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I am amazed by the requests businesses are making when it comes to their content management system for their website design. WordPress seems to be the flavour of the month, with 4 out of every 5 companies either happy to have a WordPress CMS or are specifically asking for this platform

Why is a WordPress Website So Popular?

There is no definitive answer for this, but I can make an educated guess and its because businesses are getting annoyed using CMS platforms that they:


  • have to pay monthly expensive fees for the rights to use the intellectual property of the CMS. What  I mean by this, is that some web design companies will build your website using their own custom made CMS, which has some seriously bad ramifications. I wont go into the full extent of these now, but one main issue is that you are tied to that web company forever. If you ever want to move your site away, you can’t do this. You are stuck with them as they will not release the source codes for the CMS. I have seem this happen to hundreds of times and the end results are never pretty.


  • Have limited control over the content and they site in general – for example, some CMS platforms do not allow for the website to be converted to mobile friendly or touch friendly websites. WordPress has simple plug ins that do allow for design flexibility and the ability for easy browser viewing conversion.


  • Are unhappy with the CMS performance and usability.



People have finally woken up to the fact that a website is there as a marketing tool. It is simply not a set and forget instrument for your business.

Businesses that have embraced WordPress are now finding a level of flexibility in content creation and site functionality that they have never had before.

The days of businesses settling for any CMS solution for their website are over. Education and past experiences have opened the eyes of many people who want the best CMS possible for their site.


I must say that it’s refreshing to work with people who now understand the value and importance of a website and how vital a WordPress content management system platform is in facilitating this.

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