Make 2014 the year you conquer Social Media.

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Heard the saying ‘Content is King’? Today, as most businesses are looking to connect with their customers (current and potential) using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, quality content is the ultimate business tool.

In our digital environment, there are clear benefits to making smart use of social media platforms.


But, social media content is rarely given the time, investment and professionalism required. You wouldn’t write your own TV commercial, so why would you write your social media content?


If you want results, quality professional content is key. To help Australian businesses answer their content needs, Hopping Mad Designs has partnered with the expert writing team at Quip Creative, to form Web Content Creators.


Web Content Creators offers a cost-effective content subscription service that combines our knowledge of digital platforms with Quip’s expert wordsmiths, to offer an affordable content solution.


You simply sign up to a plan that suits your marketing budget and needs. Our writers will deliver original, professional and tailored content, ready for you to publish on your website, e-newsletter, social media accounts and more.


Our writers for blogs, websites and articles are professionals, and our content is written specifically for you.


It’s easy, it’s professional and it works. Make 2014 the year you get more from social media with a Web Content Creators subscription. One monthly article costs less than a print campaign, yet the potential audience is exponential.


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