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Have you got a website that is simply not doing what you thought it would do? Is your website not attracting enough online visitors? Do you feel as though you want to start making your website work for you, like your competition seems to be able to do? Are sales leads drying up? Are you stuck for ideas and want to know ways in which you can turn your website into a profit lead generating sales tool? Are you looking for a great web and SEO agency that can help you improve business leads? Then following are some simple quick wins you can employ to make your website a powerful lead generating tool. Get ahead of your competitors now and take immediate action.

Have you launched a website or recently revamped a site and it’s been a huge flop?

As the saying goes failing to plan is planning to fail and it couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to your website and online digital marketing.

Following are some helpful tips to help you improve the health of your website, increase sales and customer conversion rates. So now there’s absolutely no excuse for complacency and blaming the performance of your website on someone else. It’s all in your hands and you can easily do something about it. And, the best news is; that it’s not all that difficult.

Make sure you do your keyword research when it comes to SEO

Keyword research is really a no-brainer when it comes to hiring an SEO company. Obviously, you need to be targeting the right type of keywords that will bring in the most amount of website traffic. No point in going after keywords that might be easy to rank on Google but will have little or no impact of quality leads. Know your customers and what they would most likely type into Google to find your product or service. Once you have established this, ask your SEO agency to check if these keywords have enough traffic, and then go for it.

Targeting the right keywords is not an exact science. Consumer behaviour does change and so will their search criteria. So don’t be afraid to add more keywords to your SEO marketing mix. You might be pleasantly surprised by the impact this one small change could have on the level of inquiries.

I have personally seen businesses land huge new jobs by targeting a different set of keywords that they never thought would generate this type of quality lead.

Look at your on-site SEO

There are still so many businesses that call me and for the life of them cannot work out why their website is still not performing well on Google. They have used numerous SEO agencies in Sydney and the results are still really disappointing. The culprit is the ‘on-site’ SEO. That is, their website is not Google compliant. Issues like: titles, descriptions, thin web copy, slow load speeds, flash animation, and use of heave graphics are still being completely ignored by many and the results speak for themselves. If you are serious about getting a better online ranking then make sure you speak with a digital design agency that can look at the perfect combination of web design and SEO. Once they have the mix right, then your Google rankings will immediately improve. Search Engine Journal has a great article called 12 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know, which will help you understand better the importance of on-page SEO and what you can do to fix any non-Google compliant issues on your site.

I know I am giving our agency Hopping Mad Designs a bit of a plug here, but when it comes to knowing how to get your website ranking on Google and turn visitors into customers, I would say that we are on top of our game. This is what we do best and we can take your underperforming website and turn it into a powerful sales tool. All you need to do is call us and I’m sure that I will be able to point out issues with your website within 30 seconds.

Don’t forget about local SEO

A strong focus on local SEO helps your small business really stand out in Sydney. Register your business with a few of the better-known and more respected online directories for some quick wins. Registering with hundreds of the free online directories available to you, in the hope of improving your local rankings is not a good idea as it will appear spammy and will do more damage than harm. I always choose 5 of the main directories and leave it at that.

Start Blogging and do it regularly

I know this may seem like a hard task, but Blogging is a great way to establish your business as an authority in the industry. Whilst it will not have a huge impact on your main core SEO keywords, it will position your business as a useful resource of information. People will come to your website whenever they need information about your niche and this traffic, in turn, will eventually lead to more business. It’s a long-haul marketing tactic, but it does work. Plus adding pages to your website allows us as web and SEO agencies to optimise these blog pages, which gives your SEO campaign a more natural backlinking profile. This is what Google is looking for and if this strategy is implemented consistently, your overall web traffic number will grow month after month. This is the best thing that one can do for your business. That is, increase the number of people coming to your site.

Choose your Digital Agency wisely

Many businesses make this choice on price alone. They are offered great web design & SEO deals that are just too good to pass on and in 99.9% of the time end up in disaster. A good percentage of calls I get every day are from businesses that are at the mercy of dodgy agencies whose only goal is to get as much revenue as they can without any regard to the needs of their paying customer. If you think this can’t happen to you….think again. Fabulous-sounding offers, with promises of guaranteed Google rankings and more customers than you ever imagined possible, are a gimmick. Making the wrong choice now is a recipe for failure. Be smart and base your decision on what they can realistically offer – NEVER ON PRICE alone.

Love your Social Media

For some businesses out there, social media is like second nature. They thrive on social media and in some cases use platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their entire marketing. For the rest of us, social media marketing (as it is known) can be a chore a task and an extremely daunting. But, in today’s digital environment, you must start to engage your customer base through these marketing channels. If you have never done this before, start off slowly and build up from there. As a minimum, you should have a Facebook business page. Post 1 article or news item a week and measure the number of followers you start getting. If this seems too hard or you are just far too time-poor – get in touch with us and we can look at managing your social media on a monthly basis. We do it this way for many businesses and the results are incredible.

Website overhaul

Have a good, long hard look at your website and ask yourself these questions.

  • does your competitor’s website look so much better?
  • do you like the look of it?
  • when was the last time you updates it?
  • has it got the latest add-ons and must-haves such as being mobile-friendly / responsive?

The list is endless, basically, if your website looks bad, no matter what you end up doing in terms of marketing, the results will never be as good as they could be. Old, stale, cheap-looking template websites are slowly killing your business via poor customer conversion rates. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!

My advice for any business wanting to succeed is that they now have to start embracing technology and throw away the chains that have been holding them down for the past years. The things that you can do to make the necessary changes are at your disposal. All you need to do is know what a digital agency can do for your business and the difference between the good and bad ones.

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