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It may be that time of the year again when you are thinking about your next Annual Report. If you are why not look into an Interactive Annual Report. In the past annual reports have been glossy, magazine style documents, printed on eco-friendly or customised paper and distributed Australia wide. Now, many companies are electing to go for interactive versions of their annual reports.

This can either be through a simple toned downed electronic version that accompanies their annual report or a full blown version that has many interactive and dynamic features. What is clear is that this trend is likely to continue and grow well into the future.

Whatever the reason, your company may decide to go with an interactive annual report: environmental, company or government regulations/initiatives, there is no doubt that having an interactive annual report has many positive benefits for your company, these include:

  • Think of the huge cost savings when you don’t have to print all those reports. That is a massive saving and in today’s economic climate it’s a no brainer. Not to mention the effect on the environment ( paper, ink + distribution).
  • It can be viewed by most people nowadays who have access to the internet and their mobile devices. Think of the broader shareholder base who would prefer to receive their annual reports electronically.
  • Being interactive is basically limitless. You can have videos, simple animations, forms, feedback, galleries, displays of real work in progress. It brings your company to life, Yes, you might have a website that does this, but remember we are focusing on the financial data and company achievements over the past year. What an awesome way to do this.
  • Having a deeper and more dynamic level of shareholder and user engagement where a viewer can explore the interactive annual report thoroughly, via related internal page links, animated graphs and charts that can have pop up windows, additional hot boxes of content that link right through to relevant pages, or get a quick overview via an animated infographic.
  • Think about the impact of your CEO actually speaking on your annual report via a video. Or even better, what about small video grabs of key stakeholders all having their say on the success of the company over the year plus providing summaries of the annual report.



  1. Based in Sydney we have over 18 years graphic and web experience and know how to merge design with technology. Meaning your interactive annual report will not only have impact but will work well extremely well for your company.
  2. We have a team of user experience experts ( UX)  ensuring that your viewers will be impressed with the end result. Report navigation will make sense. We eliminate any hurdles or dead ends.
  3. All our work is carried out in our studios in Darlinghurst and we never outsource our work.
  4. We are fast, efficient and are happy to work to tight Annual Report deadline. Simple as that. If you need it done, we will get it done.
  5. We have great in house animators, programmers and web developers and if there are any special requirements we can easily outsource them.
  6. We take into account that many shareholder might be elderly so our interactive navigation is simple, uncluttered and user friendly.
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