Five Simple Tips in Creating a Great, SEO Friendly Content Strategy

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The SEO landscape is shifting, moving and since the latest Google Hummingbird algorithm update, businesses are learning that old SEO tactics no longer work and can in fact damage your websites online position and brand. The best online strategy that a business can implement is termed content marketing, which is now the best way to rank your web page. Note, that when I say web page I am not referring to the home page of a website only. I am also referring to all other sub pages within the site. Because content marketing is so important ideally, you should be working with a copywriter or at least speak to someone who has an idea about this before you start to do it yourself. In any case following are five simple yet effective tips to help you write that SEO friendly content that should see your Google rankings skyrocket!

1. Keyword Balance

When you write an article or a blog a fundamental way to rank this is to have relevant content that is ‘keyword rich’. The more keywords you have the higher you should rank. In theory it should work like this, but in practice it actually goes against you. Over stuffing of keywords used to be common practice and work wonders for your SEO ranking. Throw in about 100 words and repeat then as often as you can, without over confusing the reader was the way to go. Now YOU MUST write (if you want to get a ranking) in a natural sounding way. Content should be for the user and not the search engines. The best way is to balance your web page with your keywords and have them spread evenly. Find the right balance and you WILL see your ranking soar.

2. A Well Thought Out Meta Description

Meta description is a summary of your websites content. Google use meta description to give the user some rich snippets of information about the website and its content. Make sure that when you write this description, you make it as relevant as possible. Never keyword stuff and a great idea is to add a phone number or sales message. Attention grabbing descriptions are a great way to get the users attention.

3. Web Page URLs

In exactly the same way that you have relevant content in your meta descriptions applying this logic into your page URLs will have a MASSIVE impact on your SEO.  Web page URL’s must match the content of that particular page. For example if it is a services page describing an area of law that a law firm offers, then the URL should have the service in it… – is an example.
In accurate URL structures will confuse the browsers and the search engines. Best of to leave these web semantics and page descriptions to SEO specialists or web professionals.

4. Link to Sources You Have Used

Don’t be afraid to reference any material you have used on your page. Linking to other websites that have similar content is great for SEO and will allow users a better online experience. The better the experience, the more likelihood your article will be shared and in turn SEO rankings will rise. Everything is connected in the web world and if you are genuine in your writing and have something to say, then this will be indexed and ranked. Spamming the system to try to generate traffic to your website WILL be found out and eventually your site may be penalised via a Google penalty. Honesty plays a huge role in SEO. So if you are true in what you say, then the rewards and customers will follow.

5. Write The Best Content You Can

This is a no brainer. All of the above points will have little effect on your search engine rankings if the quality of your content is poor. Write as your would for your customers and not the search engines. This is what counts and what matters.

Getting found online is one thing, but getting people to actually engage with what you are saying is another. Well written copy and content will be paramount to the success of your website and ultimately your business.
I tell my clients that trying to write your own web copy can be disastrous. This part of the project is best left to people that know how to write SEO web friendly content.

The SEO advantages is writing great content is that more people will likely find your site, share it, and in turn, this page will gain popularity. Other sites liking this content may want to link to you, which is the best thing for your SEO rankings. Imaging a Government department or online magazine would pick up your article and link back to you? The SEO effects would be immediate!

Ultimately, if all this sounds a bit confusing and you are in the process of getting your websites built, you should really speak with one of our web designers and see how they can manage this whole process for you. Free Call 02 9360 8514

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