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If your business has a digital strategy it means that you are doing everything possible to maximise your companies exposure across many platforms; including web, social media, search engine optimisation as well as mobile. Hopping Mad Designs specialises in creating a digital strategy that will see your business gain more traction across all these marketing channels. We have been at the forefront of website design, web development, graphic design for well over sixteen years and have helped many businesses and companies through out Sydney achieve an enormous amount of exposure for their products and services through maximisation of all their digital assets. Its not just about your web design, now there are so many other digital avenues that need exploring which can enhance your online and digital footprint.

Many businesses regardless of their size, are unaware of the huge potential available to them in this new digital space. They might be using some social medial platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, but they might not fully understand the enormous potential available to them by really working on their corporate or business digital strategy.

How to find the best digital strategy agency in Sydney

Finding the best digital strategy agency in Sydney can be a difficult task. You will need to really look around, do your homework and find the best solution for your company. This search generally starts with a quick Google search which will reveal a multitude of companies all offering relatively the same thing and in some cases, they may be saying the same thing. It can all get very confusing for the general business community, so finding the right digital strategy agency could prove the difference between digital success or failure.

Following are a few points to keep front of mind when doing your research on finding the best digital strategy agencies in Sydney.

Your website is your main advertising arm. It is what people refer to as the first port of call after they see you or visit you in person. The way your website looks and the way in which users interact with your web page will speak volumes about who you are and what your business is all about. Internet users will expect to be dazzled by visually strong graphics that captivate them and drive them through your site with a minimum of effort. Your website is the foundation of your digital strategy and should only be designed by a company that can show you a long list of past clients as well as referrals.

The digital strategy agency Sydney should be able to offer a web copywriting service as well. Well articulated copy will keep visitors on your site and keep them engaged. Time poor people want to get to your site and be able to make a buying decision quickly based on what they see. If your content is inviting as well as sales driven, it will help facilitate this process. On top of this you will need a copywriter to handle your online content for all social media platforms . If you intend to publish content as part of your digital strategy and are looking to become an authority in your field, then you need a company that has the copy team that can integrate content into all your social media. For example, if you are a professional outfit you may like to target Linked In as an avenue to showcase your industry knowledge and attract followers. This is a great way to get your name out there to a new wider audience, and the better content the better your reception will be. People love new content and if yours is a good read then they will also forward this onto their friends or followers which is another awesome way to help you get your name out there.

With the absolute explosion of mobile phone usage your digital strategy company should be able to help you convert your current website into a mobile friendly website that is viewable across all mobile phone technologies; including iphone, ipad and android. Business now need to really embrace this new technology and this now must be an essential component of your digital strategy. Internet search on tablets and phones will surpass the standard office computer, so if your business has not embraced this new phenomena then it will be left behind. Try to find a company that is able to offer this service in conjunction with your web design. If you have an existing site then see if they can carry the design style through to the mobile web site. Again, look for a digital design studio that has a strong graphic design background similar to what we can offer at Hopping Mad Designs.

Once you have your website, you need it to be found on Google and this is known as SEO and should be part of your digital marketing campaign. Speak with a few agencies but be very aware of going with the cheapest option. This industry is full of outsourcing to third world countries where labour is cheap. But, along with htis cheap price tag comes shoddy SEO practices which will land your website in hot water once your SEO digital campaign commences.

Digital strategy is all about maximising what is available in the digital world. This can also encompass the very new trend of app design and app development. This is a relatively new field and businesses are just starting to embrace this, take it on board and use it as part of their digital marketing. Cool looking apps that actually do something are a great way to get more people to learn about your brand or interact with your product. Your digital design agency should be able to provide you with a couple of app ideas or at least be able to point you in the right direction of app developers that they have worked with in the past.

You will find that working with a digital company like Hopping Mad Designs means that you are covering all your basis across the digital divide, including apps. This is a rarity in todays online world where you will find that businesses tend to specialise in certain areas. Being able to offer an array of digital design and development solutions means that you, the business owner, can only benefit by having all your digital marketing handled by one company, all in house under one roof.

Advantages of working with one Digital Strategy Agency

Working with one company, whether it be your web design, social media,, app development, search engine optimisation or even video production has its advantages. Working with one agency means that:

– they become extremely familiar with your brand, thereby avoiding any chance of misunderstanding your business or target market. Knowing your business intimately will ensure that your design team know the evolution of your product or service. This saves you time and money without having to educate separate agencies.
This saves you lots of money as you will be in a better bargaining position if you will be giving the agency lots of new work on a continual basis.

– you reduce the chances of crossed wires when it comes to delivering a brief. If all stakeholders involved in the project are present from the beginning, things falling through the cracks as well as mistakes are able to be reduced.

– working with a digital agency in Sydney means that if you need to have a quick face to face meeting, this is possible and easily done. All players involved in the campaign are present and things can be sorted out quickly. Too many fingers in the pie will just lead to issues down the track and getting all separate parties together in one area can be quite difficult to organise. This is why you should choose one digital agency and make this decision very carefully.

Think Hopping Mad Designs when you want a digital strategy agency.

Ideally, you want to be partnering with a agency that has a few runs under their belt. They have been around for a while and have a thorough business grounding. They should be able to rise to any challenge put in front of them and be able to offer constructive solutions based on previous projects. You want to work with a mature firm that speaks your language and is not a ‘yes’ type of company. You want them to be able to offer alternative options and challenge your digital marketing philosophy with alternative strategies and alternative actions.

Hopping Mad Designs fits this mould specifically. If you are wanting to work with a digital agency that is able to maximise your return on investment then please call 02 9360 8514 or email



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