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Designing your website is very important to a cosmetic surgeon. All medical specialties and healthcare industry professionals can benefit from top notch web design but none more so than cosmetic surgery. Why? Because it is such a competitive industry and for a cosmetic surgeon to succeed nowadays they need the combination of a great looking website that is conversion focused PLUS a well thought out search engine optimisation campaign. Without all these factors working cohesively, the chances of your cosmetic surgery website succeeding and being competitive online are slim.

The Cosmetic Surgery area is a competitive industry and the cosmetic surgeons website is the first place that a prospective patient will visit before making an inquiry – if the website doesn't look world class, if it doesn't have that wow factor with all the necessary information, then the user will simply exit the site and look elsewhere. This is why having a website designed for any cosmetic surgeon is such a critical step for their business to succeed.

All other medical specialties basically rely on a referral system, mainly stemming from the patient’s GP. And generally when it comes to finding a specialist to look after their health, whether it be a surgeon, or a physician, patient’s just instinctively trust the recommendations of the referrer.

However, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, patients are very scrutinising in choosing their surgeon. Since patients usually choose their cosmetic surgeons based on their own research, the website is usually the first encounter with the surgeon or their practice.

Everything from the general layout, ambience, design, to the presentation of before and after photos, can have a powerful impact on the patient’s choice. The positive first impression generated by a professionally built website. A cosmetic surgeon is a artist and the website design is a reflection on the artist.

In the rest of the medical specialties, the results of treatment depends largely on whether the illness was cured or not. However, in cosmetic surgery, the results are completely subjective. Rather than wanting to get back to their baseline or normal level, cosmetic surgery seeks to improve on the baseline. Such being the case, Website design is paramount in getting the patient’s attention when they are researching on their procedure online. Having a great website design, allows your practice to zone in on the particular cosmetic surgery the potential patient is seeking.

One area that cosmetic surgeons should focus on is their websites conversion rates. That is what is the potential patient doing once they get to the site – are they landing on the home page and exiting the site? Are they going through the site looking at a few pages and not making any inquiries? For a cosmetic surgeon who is focused on generating new sales, they need to be looking at ways of optimising their website for maximum conversions. That is when they land on your website, they make the inquiry. Simple as that!

One other area cosmetic surgoens should focus on is their SEO ro search engine optimisation. Is their website geared up for this and has it been fully audited so it's Google compliant? PLUS is the SEO campaign being handled by a professional web and SEO agency? All these factors will seriously impact the success of the website and in turn the revenue generated for the business.

All these factors are so closely ralated and so intertwined that you really need to be speaking with a specialist team that can handle this for you…call us today at HOPPING MAD DESIGNS on 02 9360 8514. We will take your cosmetic surgery website, optimise it so it ranks on Google, improve the look so it's fully conversion focused and turn it into a powerful sales platform for your practice.


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