Can SEO Companies in Sydney Be Trusted, who tells the truth about SEO?

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SEO companies in Sydney are notorious for lying. And they LIE BIG TIME! They will say almost anything to get you business and following are some tips to help you uncover the truth and lies told by many SEO companies.

Lies that SEO Companies in Sydney Will Tell You to Get Your Dollars!

  1. This one is the most common and one that gets front and centre of this article. That is, their guarantee that they will get you to page 1 of the search engines within a short time period. This is a complete lie as no company can guarantee what a third external party will do. Outrageously short time periods and ridiculously low fees are touted to get your business all with the promise of gloriously high web rankings. If you find that your prospective SEO company in Sydney is saying these kind of things then you know they are telling you lies.
  2. Another great lie is that they have been doing search engine optimisation for years. Most SEO companies, especially the ones in Sydney are start-ups and in some cases have just set up their website – there is no real way to check this out but ask to see a list of their clients and their working relationship history. This will flush the lie out very quickly.
  3. Bragging rights for high Google rankings are enormous. Some SEO companies have been able to spam the system and rank their website very quickly – they then tell you they have been at position number 1 for many years. Watch out for this as the guys who rise up the rankings quickly, also fall very quickly. SEO spammers are ALWAYS caught out by Google but before they cop a penalty ( and loose their ranking) they will secure a few naïve customers. The lie that they are on page 1 must always be taken with some scepticism as their methods of getting to this position are not always ethical.
  4. Here’s another beauty. They will say that if they don’t get your main keywords ranked within 6 months, they will do the SEO for free till they do. What they have done here is lied about their ability to perform SEO and their continued work post the 6 month period. Basically, if they can’t do the job within 6 months then they will not be able to do it even if they have another 12 months. A massive fraud, and the only winner is the SEO company – they have your money! If you search for “beware of SEO guarantees” there are more than 3 million results. Most companies who make these false guarantees are not going to deliver them and will have fine print in their service agreements that render these guarantees useless.


So Which SEO Companies in Sydney Tell the Truth?

This is a tough one. Like any industry there are the ‘cowboys’ and those that spoil the reputation for the few good SEO businesses in Sydney. But if you follow these points you will be able to spot those truthful SEO providers, who will perform their job well.

  1. Are they based in Sydney, or off shore? Ideally, you want to work with a locally based company. Offshore to me spells; dodgy, corner cutting, non contactable, unreliable and worst of all unethical. Go local and work with a SEO team that you can actually meet with.
  2. If they don’t mention content marketing in their meetings with you, then they will be relying 100% on back linking. This used to work for SEO but is now out lawed and frowned upon by Google as spammy. Make sure you use a company that offers a copy writer that knows how to draft web content that is search engine friendly.
  3. Get them to show you how they intend to rank internal web pages of your site. A good SEO company will know how to rank site wide pages and not just the home page. If they talk about blogging for SEO them they do know their stuff – a very good sign indeed!
  4. If they are not overly pushy and happy for you to shop around, without trying to lock you into a contract then they are more than likely to be a ethical SEO crew – pushy over zealous sales people on heavy sales targets are going to over promise an d under deliver on search engine performance rankings – this is 110% guaranteed.
  5. If they talk about performing a full website audit then you are on the right path. SEO is both an  ‘on and off page’ science, so doing one without the other is absolutely pointless. Everything must match, line up and work cohesively together if your SEO has any chance of success.


Are there Many SEO Companies to Choose from In Sydney?

There are literally thousands to choose from. All you have to do is go online and search for ‘SEO’ or ‘web design companies’. In fact, there are just far too many to choose from. Pick a handful and go from there.  If you can’t find what you are looking for on Google, go to your competitors website and see who does their SEO – perhaps you can use these guys.


What about Hopping Mad Designs for your SEO?

Why not and the reasons are simple:

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