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If you think you can just let your website sit and do nothing once you have launched it, then you are wrong. The work that you have to do on your website is never ending. Basically, it’s a constant work in progress and something that should be a high priority for your business. If you sit back, do nothing and expect the leads to roll on in, then you are totally wrong. Having a new website without working on this is like flushing your money down the drain.

Once your site is live you need to look at a few important factors to ensure that your website will be working for you. Following are a few points to consider, for your new web site.


How Am I Going To Generate Website Traffic?

Ideally, this should have been discussed during the very first web briefing meeting. Generating interest and web traffic is called search engine optimisation and really needs to be implemented from the early stages of site development.
At Hopping Mad, luckily our preferred  WordPress CMS platform, allows for easy integration of SEO title tags, content and description, so that any SEO ‘must haves’ can be implemented once the site is deployed.
Ranking your newly built site on page 1 of Google through SEO is the ultimate way to get the phone ringing and this process needs to be continually implemented once your website is live. If there is one thing that you should do for your website on a monthly basis, SEO is it! Keep it up and keep it going and this will ensure that your website will be your best sales person.


You Have to Keep Refining your Pages.

Some pages might work better than others and some parts of your site will be getting more traffic than others. Your web pages need to be continually monitored, analysed and refined for maximum performance. Even when you think that your main landing pages are looking their best, there is always room for improvement. Known as CRO or conversion rate optimisation, your web team will need to be on top of this and monitor site usage and bounce rates through your Google Analytics.
Constant testing and refining may seem like a daily grind, but if you manage to do this effectively, the rewards are huge.


Is My Site Technologically Up To Date


Never let your website fall behind the technology race. You should always have the very latest add ons and be kept up to date of new advancements.
Customers coming to your site will expect to see a contemporary looking interface with the newest online trends implemented. If they don’t see these, then it can reflect badly on your business.


A Final Point to Consider.


Your website is your ultimate sales machine and like all good machines, they need to be taken care of and maintained. What may seem like a burden and a waste of money, is in fact an investment in your business. So, once you have launched your site, maintain and nurture it, so that it’s performing as best as it can for your business.

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