5 killer strategies to double even triple your sales leads

Every business wants more customers but some businesses are better at getting them that others. It doesn’t matter what your industry niche is; tradies right through to health professionals, cosmetic surgeons, lawyers, architects even travel related online businesses all want one thing and that’s more clients. In the online obsessed world the best way to get new business leads and clients is becoming increasingly difficult, so following are some fantastic tips all businesses should know about for getting those juicy new business leads.
Killer Tip # 1: Get your website professionally designed. If you have an old outdated website that was last revamped more than 2-3 years ago, then you really need to start thinking about a revamp. I know there are all these free websites out there online such as Squarespace and Wix, but please try to avoid using these as they are simple templates and you will end up looking like every other site out there. Investing in professional, quality customised web design is the first step in establishing your websites own personality. This in turn should differentiate you from the rest of the market and is a critical factor is helping you get better quality leads, more often. Also those cheap, free website are really bad for SEO and will make life extremely difficult for you if you intend on ranking your website on Google. This is why and I really want to emphasise the point here….you need a web agency that knows how to prepare your website for the internet and Google if it is ever going to have any chance of getting customers.

You may end up saving a few dollars at the beginning but it will end up costing you dearly in lost sales leads and revenue. Basically those free websites just don’t work and they are there for really tiny, small business start ups that do not want to get any online traffic.

Let Hopping Mad Designs handle all your web design & seo.

Killer Tip # 2

: Start writing great content for your website and blog. If you can’t think of anything to write about or just don’t have the time to do it, them employ someone. Content is really important in establishing your online credibility. Also what ever your do, never consider this a chore and post articles that are less than 300 words. If you write online make sure you are passionate about it and create content that you know people want to read. Compelling content will get ranked by Google and these web pages and blog articles will get read.

Killer Tip # 3: Start to get active in the social media space. Know where your audience or customer base is hanging out, sign up to that platform and get social. I know this may seem hard, especially if your a small business and a bit time poor, but 1-2 hours per week is all you need to kick things off.

It’s really easy. Let’s say you have a eCommerce website and are selling things online or you are a plumber or lawyer and don’t know what to do. Well why not post an interesting fact about your business or perhaps post an item that you have on sale. All you need to do is be a bit creative, think about what your customers would want to see and cater to this.

In the eCommerce space this is incredibly important as you need to drive as many people as you can to your website and if you have a new product, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are going to really help you get your brand out there.

Killer Tip # 4:  Stop wasting time with SEO agencies that have no clue about what they are doing. If you have been working with an SEO agency for the past 6-12 months and your not getting the kind of results you were promised or anticipating then it’s time to pull the plug and ditch them. So many businesses make the mistake of choosing the wrong SEO partner. Don’t you be one of them. Look for some other agency that can actually perform, which leads me straight into point # 5.

Killer Tip # 5: Start an SEO campaign with an agency that can prove to you what they are able to achieve. Make sure you look for a company that can rank it’s own website on Google before you even pick up the phone. Look at the image below and you can see that Hopping Mad Designs has been able to rank 2 of it’s pages (NOT ONE BUT 2!!) on page 1 of Google for a seriously competitive and hard to achieve keyword: ‘web design sydney’. Try to use an SEO/web agency that can show you examples like this. Remember, the techniques we use to get great results for our own website will be used for your website.


The advantage of using our agency to handle your web design, social media, content marketing and SEO is that we know every trick in the book and have done it all before for other businesses. We know what to do to get more online traffic to your website and have been doing this for the past 18 years.  So if you follow these tips and are prepared to invest in a marketing campaign that will increase your online visibility by 2, 3 even 4 times, then get in touch with us today.
All you need is 1 hour and we will show you exactly what we will do to radically improve sales leads, calls and revenue. This is no gimmick or cheap sales pitch….we follow the same tried and proven formula for each client and it WORKS! Call 02 9360 8514.

This is particularly vital for small to medium sized businesses in Australia that rely heavily on Google and the internet to generate new business leads. There is really no point what so ever sitting around and waiting for things to improve by themselves cause they won’t. You’ll end up going bust. You need to start evolving with the times and being proactive.

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