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Blogging is a great way to get your corporate message out there online and the effect is immediate. Think of a topic that is related to your business, write the article and publish it. All you need is a bit of spare time, some writing skills and your blog article can be online for all the world to see in no time at all. It is an awesome way to push your corporate message and will really help with your search engine rankings. If you are a corporate company and have not thought or done any blogging in the past following are some great tips to get you going.



1. Create strong, attention grabbing BLOG headlines.

The relevance of a headline must be noted as this is the first thing that your client will see. If the heading has something interesting to say, it will grab the attention of the reader ensuring they will click on the link and read more. Keep it simple but words like: ‘ 10 best tips ‘ , or ‘advice on how to’ will work really well. People love to read things in point form so having a heading with words like ‘ 5 ways to help’ are great attention grabbing headlines.


 2. Look at a much broader blogging approach

Try not to focus too heavily on your product or service. People will get bored and eventually switch off. Corporates should think of things that would interest other like minded business people. If you are an accountant for example, you don’t have to write about taxation rules all the time, but perhaps look at other topis like: 10 ways to save on your tax bill, or 5 tips to help reduce bad debts. It is articles like these, that might not be 100% related to your business, but are still relevant to the business community are interesting enough for a quick read. Variation in topics and writing style will keep people coming back for more.


3. Engage with People who Comment On Your Corporate Blog

If you have made the effort to write a blog have some interesting articles for people to read and comment, be sure to engage with these people. Having a real person at the end of the blog and actually communicating with them is a fantastic start at engaging with potential new customers. If they like you blog and have commented, or asked you a question be _720_ sure to respond to them in a timely manner. The way you behave here may in turn result in you picking up a few new clients. Obviously, if you get nasty or malicious spammy comments, just delete these immediately as engaging with these people may cause issues for you.


4. Implement Social Media Icons.

Your blog is all about sharing ideas, and communicating with your client base. You really need to take this one step further and encourage your readers to share the content. This is easy to do. All you need is some + 1 , Google +, Facebook Like icons or even a Pinterest badge to get people engaging with what you have to say. You will find that given this opportunity, readers who do like your content will be more than happy and cooperative when it comes to passing it onwards. Also make sure that your blog design Sydney has been proferssionally designed – this will keep your corporate branding consistent. If you do do not know where to go then why not give us a call here at Hopping Mad Designs.


5. Never Give Up Blogging.

If you have made the effort to start a blog and want to have a bit of a following then you have to keep up the process of blogging. Starting it and then picking it up randomly will only confuse people, who are expecting to see your articles on a regular basis. One really good point to note is that corporate blogging is great for your search engine ranking. If Google sees that your website has been updated with fresh new content, then your articles are more likely to get indexed and ranked. Obviously, Blogging is only one component of search engine optimisation, but it is really a great way to stay on top of your competitors who may already have been blogging for years.

DON’T WRITE BLOGS FOR GOOGLE’S SAKE! – writing blog articles for the search engines is not on. If you write blogs with spammy repetetive keywords in the hope of helping your overall SEO, then this won’t work – write ONLY for your readers and the rankings will follow – this is a very important tip!

If you can’t understand why all your main search terms and keywords have been and are still being dominated by your rivals, then the answer is a combination of SEO and corporate blogging…..STARTING you blog now and being really active in this space is a great marketing move for your company!

If you feel that all this corporate blogging is too hard, you may like to employ a copywriting person that can help you get your content out there. Companies like us, at Hopping Mad Designs are able to help you facilitate this blogging process at rates that may even surprise you.


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