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Many clients ask us “What SEO guarantees can you give me that I will be ranking on the first page of Google, and how long should all this take?” This is a common question and in my opinion a perfectly fair one to ask. Reason being, there are many SEO companies online offering SEO guarantees and top page rankings which is an outright lie. Guaranteed SEO is a trap that SEO firms lay, in the hope that you will fall prey to their dishonest claims. Avoiding them at all costs is the best philosophy but following is some advice to help you navigate the Guaranteed SEO maze.

Many businesses would have been approached by SEO firms who over promise and make exaggerated SEO guarantees. Putting ignorance aside, firms have absolutely no right what so ever in guaranteeing any kind of ranking. In fact, if they promise to get you to the top of page 1, then I would be very worried at the tactics and techniques they will be employing to get you there. Guarantees regarding SEO just dont happen and it is the intention of this blog is to outline the man reasons why we never place a guarantee for our SEO service.

Whilst, we are able to show you the great SEO results we have been able to achieve for our clients, we will never under any circumstances put a 100% guarantee on the SEO work we do.

Again and I need to reiterate this point, all the SEO work that we have done in the past and that we continue to do for our clients is totally Google compliant. That is, we never engage in ‘dodgy’ SEO practices, as we always work within the framework of what is considered SEO best practice. So whilst we may not be able to 100% guarantee a top ranking, we will certainly try our very best to get you there.

Why We Don’t Offer An SEO Guarantee: Google Has Total Control.

The absolute main reason why it is impossible to guarantee your SEO service, is that you are dealing with an external 3rd party. That is, Google. They are forever refining, remodeling and changing their ranking algorithm, so to predict the outcome of an SEO campaign is not an exact science. Whilst we are able to determine best practice search engine optimisation solutions for the moment, these results can and do change frequently. Hence, guaranteeing results on a shifting playing field is essentially impossible.

As a company director, I make a point of telling potential SEO clients that we can, based on historical results, get businesses an awesome Google ranking. But and I reaper this, we make absolutely zero guarantees about this.?

Google Has The Last Say?

Any SEO company that knows what it is doing should have a firm idea on what it takes to get a website ranked. They should constantly monitoring your rankings and as soon as any tweak in the ranking algorithm happens, they will do what is necessary to restore your ranking, if it has dropped.

Basically, the engineers at Google are hard at work, looking at ways to improve the search results. And if your website has been impacted by a change implemented by these engineers, there is little anyone outside of Google can do about this. Hence, the SEO guarantee becomes null and void.

Sure we can, once things have settled down, look at ways to restore your great page position. However, this takes time as we need to reverse engineer the algorithm and restart a new SEO strategy. Guaranteeing a place after a massive change, means that your are lying to the client to secure their business, which is totally unethical.

No SEO Guarantees Means We Tell You How It Is.

As a business owner, you should be prepared to pay a fair amount for quality SEO work. Trying to penny pinch when it comes to your online marketing, is a bad business move and will come back to haunt you when you are getting no online results. At Hopping Mad we employ account managers, SEO technicians, web copywriters, designers who all work together as a tight knit team, so that your website will have the best chance of online success.

Over 17 years of design and SEO experience means that although we never offer any SEO guarantees, we certainly know what we are doing. Our years of SEO and web design experience means that we know all the SEO mistakes and do everything we can to avoid them.

Please Judge us on our results and past work.

The true reason that we never offer an SEO guarantee, is that we are confident in our abilities. Sure, we may come off as a little smug, but the proof as they say is in the pudding. We can show you 1000’s of web pages that we have been able to optimise and rank; all without a guarantee or long term contract. Clients stay with us for 1 thing and 1 thing only; we are able to deliver on our work.

Generally speaking firms that offer SEO placement guarantees have a limited lifespan. Because they have been unable to deliver on their promise, customers desert them in droves and many find themselves out of business.

You are the best person to judge us. Come on in for an appointment in our studio in Sydney and speak with one of our account managers who can show you that to rank highly on the search engines, does not require contracts, over prices fees and blatant lying. It requires hard work and a well thought out and planned SEO campaign, that only a SEO company like Hopping Mad Designs is able to offer.

What to Do If You Are Offered a Guaranteed SEO Ranking.

– hang up the phone
– delete the email, in fact don’t even read the email
– cancel the contract
– leave the meeting


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